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Monday, April 14, 2003

BREAKING NEWz you can UzE...
compiled by Jon Stimac

Grand Jury Gets Capital Murder Case - THE ROANOKE TIMES, WV - April 11, 2003 ...capital murder case against suspect balances on a thumbprint and a shoe print...

The Other Print Trade - THE MONTREAL GAZETTE - April 9, 2003 ...small companies inked fingerprinting allow police to check people for criminal records...

"Perfectly innocent explanation" for Fingerprints, Court Told - IRELAND ON-LINE - April 9, 2003 ...there's an "explanation" for the fingerprints of a man accused of murder on the glasses of victim...

Revealing Secrets - THE SEANTOBIA DEMOCRAT, MS - April 8, 2003 ...in any old detective show, they usually catch the bad guy through his fingerprints.  Is it really that simple?

Authorities Charge N.J. Man In '84 Slaying - WNBC-TV, NY - April 7, 2003 ...using modern technology and old fingerprint evidence, Phoenix police say they have a suspect in the 1984 killing of a 70-year-old...

Good morning via the "Detail," a weekly e-mail newsletter that greets latent print examiners around the globe every Monday morning. The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.


And the winner is....

(Front of the shirt):
CLPEX.com logo (like last year)

(Back of the t-shirt)
*Image: Latent Print
*Underneath in large block letters:
*Underneath that in small letters:
Complete Latent Print Examination
*at the bottom: CLPEX.com logo

Congratulations to Lindsay Campbell for submitting the winning slogan in the 2003 CLPEX.com t-shirt slogan contest.  Lindsay will receive two free t-shirts for her contribution.  Thank you to EVERYONE for submitting some EXCELLENT entries, and for voting on your favorite.  If you would like to see the final results from the vote, there is a link from the home-page of the website.  I will have the artwork completed and to the t-shirt shop by the end of the week, and I will announce when the t-shirts are in.  Like last year, I will place a photograph of the t-shirt on the order form for you to see before you place your order.  More soon on that!!


Last week I mentioned the Reyes case in Florida regarding digital imaging.  I was hoping to have input from a couple of people about the case, but nothing has arrived in my inbox yet.  So this topic is on hold until further notice.  

This week we take a closer look at the Robert L. Johnson Foundation of the Parent Body of the International Association for Identification.  As a former recipient of a scholarship from this foundation, I wholeheartedly support the foundation and it's aims.  I anticipate using some of the excess funds from our t-shirt drive to make a contribution on behalf of CLPEX.com.  Consider this opportunity to contribute to a foundation that keeps giving, year after year.



This foundation was established in 1988 in memory of Robert L. Johnson, who was serving as the 2nd Vice President of the IAI at the time of his death. He was also instrumental in the formation of the IAI Latent Print Certification Board and served as the board's first chairman. He began his fingerprint career in 1952 with the FBI and later became the Chief of the Identification and Research Branch of the United States Secret Service. He joined the IAI in 1970. 

The purpose of this foundation is to further the advancement of forensic identification through education and research. The foundation endowments are administered by the Long Range Planning and Continuity of Office Committee. In fulfillment of foundation goals, this committee annually solicits applications for scholarships and research grants. Contingent upon the applicants qualifications and the amount of income generated by foundation funds, one or more scholarships may be available for students attending colleges or universities throughout the world and/or one or more research grants may be available each year. Approximately $7100 are available for scholarship and/or research grant consideration for years 2003-2004. Endowments made by the committee will be announced at the IAI Annual Educational Conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 
June 6 – 11, 2003.

The foundation is governed by five (5) trustees appointed by the IAI President and approved by the Board of Directors of the Association. Activities of the Foundation are reported to the IAI Board of Directors and to the IAI general membership at the annual General Business Meeting.


Donations and contributions from individuals or organizations are accepted with appreciation. The income received from the investments of these donations is the sole funding source for IAI scholarships and research grants. Donations are accepted in the form of monetary contributions or in the form of gifts of securities, real estate, or other property. All donations are tax deductible.

The IAI shows its appreciation for all donations by recognizing the generosity of individual and organizational contributors. Special recognition will be afforded those individuals and organizations whose donations meet certain established criteria

Individuals contributing:

$500 (US$) or more will be designated as a Robert L Johnson Fellow and will receive a special lapel pin and certificate.

$1000 or more will be designated as a Robert L. Johnson Fellow and receive a jeweled lapel pin and a certificate.

$1500 or more will be designated as a Robert L. Johnson Fellow, will receive a diamond lapel pin and a certificate.

Organizations contributing: 

$2,000 or more will be recognized with the Trustee’s Award and will receive a plaque designating such.

$5,000 or more will be recognized with the Board of Director’s award and will receive a plaque.

$10,000 or more will be recognized with the Presidential Award and will receive a plaque.

$20,000 or more will be recognized with the Foundation Award and will receive a plaque.

IAI divisions contributing:

$2.00 for each member of that Division and will be recognized as 100% Contributors and awarded a certificate.

$1,000 or more will be recognized as a Bronze Award contributor and will receive a plaque.

$2,000 or more will be recognized as a Silver Award contributor and will receive a plaque.

$3,000 or more will be recognized as a Gold Award contributor and will receive a plaque.

All contributions are cumulative toward the highest award as applicable in respective category of giving.


Applicants for scholarship consideration must satisfy the following requirements:

They must have attained the junior or senior standing, or the equivalent, in a bachelor’s degree program, or be pursuing an advanced degree, in an accredited college or university. Persons who do not have junior status at the time of application but who will possess sufficient credits at the time of the award (June 2003) are eligible to apply. 

In addition, the applicant must be either of the following:

 a full-time student with the intent of seeking a career in forensic identification, and majoring in a natural, physical or biological science;


 a part-time student employed by a law enforcement agency and majoring in a natural, physical or biological science, unless the applicant is working in a forensic identification discipline that does not require a specific degree major.

Applicants also must have attained a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale, or the equivalent if a different grading scale is in effect at the applicant’s institution.

Persons who meet the above eligibility requirements may apply for scholarship consideration by submitting the completed IAI Scholarship Application Form, plus a copy of their academic transcript, to the IAI Chief Operations Officer. Scholarship application forms and additional information may be obtained by contacting the office of the Chief Operations Officer as listed below. For an applicant to be considered for the 2003 – 2004 scholarship award, fully completed application forms and related documentation must be received by the Chief Operations Officer as listed below no later than May 1, 2003.

Joseph P. Poliski
Chief Operations Officer, IAI
2535 Pilot Knob Road, Suite 117
Mendota Heights, MN 55120-1120

(612) 681-8566, Voice
(612) 681-8443, Fax
iaisecty@aol.com, E-mail



The Long Range Planning and Continuity of Office Committee is also soliciting applications for the endowment of possible research grants that may be awarded at the 2003 Annual Education Conference. Application forms may be obtained by contacting the Chief Operations Officer at the address listed above. Those seeking funding for 2003 – 2004 must ensure that a completed research grant application form is received by the Chief Operating Officer no later than May 1, 2003.



From a recent episode of Hunter:

The bad guys took an escalator.  Hunter told one of the officers to get CSI and have them print the railing of  the moving stairs.  "It'll take forever", said one of the officers.  Fred told him to tell CSI to "pull only the male prints".

Thanks for the submission, Danny!

UPDATES on CLPEX.com this week...

Archived the 60 minutes program in the Newzroom (Around January 1, 2003)

Updated the CLPEX.com bookstore to include 10 NEW titles, not previously listed: 

1) 1915(?) Faulds, H. "A Manual of Practical Dactylography" 68p. booklet in green paper cover (currently unavailable)

2) 1933, Arthur Adams, "Adams on Finger Prints" 155p. dark green hardcover (currently unavailable)

3) 1945, Padell Book Company, "Finger Prints, For Identification and Crime Detection, A Universal System Based on Sir Henry's Methods" (currently unavailable)

4) 1941, Harry Holloway, "The Science of Fingerprint Classification" 141p. blue hard cover (currently unavailable)

5) 1936, FBI, Classification of Fingerprints" 48p. soft cover pamphlet (currently unavailable)

6) 1916, Navy, "How To Obtain Good Finger Prints" 6p. w/ 7 plates dark blue hard-cover (currently unavailable)

7) 1910, John Hall, "Suggestions on Taking Finger Prints" 6p. w/ 2 plates light green soft cover (currently unavailable)

8) Unk., Edward Evans, "Finger Prints" (cover) or "Finger Print Instruction Book" (title page), 6X9in. 95p. dark green hard cover w/ gilt title to cover. (currently unavailable)

9) 1954, Frederick Cherrill, "The Finger Print System at Scotland Yard" 173p. dark blue hard-cover (currently unavailable, but a copy is on the way)

10) 1939, Israel Castellanos, "Identification Problems, Criminal and Civil" 4.5X6.4in. 215p. blue soft-wrap leatherette cover (currently unavailable)

Added several new copies of Scott's Fingerprint Mechanics (new, in shrink-wrap) to the bookstore for $100 each

Working on the artwork for the 2003 CLPEX.com t-shirt!!

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