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Monday, March 29, 2004

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.

Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
compiled by Jon Stimac

Suspects' Fingerprints Found in Spain Home GUARDIAN, UK - Mar 27, 2004 ... police searching a home believed to have been used to prepare the Madrid commuter train bombs found fingerprints from two prime suspects...

Workers Fingerprinted RECORD-SEARCHLIGHT, CA - Mar 26, 2004 ... 1,000 Wal-Mart distribution center employees were fingerprinted in hope of controlling access to large amounts of pseudoephedrine...

New Fingerprint ID Machine Nabs 140 SABC NEWS, SO AFRICA - Mar 26, 2004 ... a new finger printing machine linked to a national crime database to check on prisoners already incarcerated at the Johannesburg Prison...

Double Murder Suspect Convicted – CBS NEW YORK, NY - Mar 25, 2004 ...suspect’s thumbprint was found on a plastic bag that was used to suffocate the victim…


Several have e-mailed regarding when this years T-shirt logo contest will begin... so I guess it's about time for it to begin!  Be thinking about those fingerprint related slogans, and get ready to send them in.  I'll give you one more week to think about it, and next week I'll make the formal request for entries in the 2004 T-shirt logo contest.


Last week, we read the summary and introduction to the "Observer Effects in Forensic Science" article; the entire article has been placed on the Reference page in its entirety.  This week, Paul Brannon shares a recent find regarding latent print documentation.


Small Adhesive Numbers/Letters for Latent Print Documentation
by Paul Brannon

I decided to share this idea with readers of the Weekly Detail regarding the use of the adhesive numbers in latent print work.

On several occasions I have saved the little self-adhesive numbers and letters that come with video cassettes and applied them next to fingerprints on surfaces before photographing and lifting the images.  Benefits are that the number/letter appears exactly in the photograph as it does in the lift, and becomes the number/letter of that latent print.  However, I have found a few minor problems with this technique:

1. In the summer, tabs kept in hot vehicles soon ruin

2. On occasion it has been difficult to keep tabs stocked at all times in a vehicle, fingerprint case or file folder

3. It is sometimes difficult to get people (OK… to get COPS) to save them and not stick them in the video package as evidence

To address these problems, I located a possible solution.  I found a label making company that makes pocket-sized pre-made labels in a booklet (a-z, 0-15, +,-,/).  I found these really handy, convenient and practical to manage.  Connex-Electronics sells these booklets online for $13.10 each, with price breaks for larger quantities.

The website address is:

On their website, search part # PWM-PK-2. You will notice that there are also refills available.  I haven't personally ordered any from the company yet… A doper was nice enough to have their vehicle forfeited and the booklet I am currently using was "donated" to me.  But I thought I would go ahead and write up the Detial so perhaps this product may help other technicians and examiners.

Also as a side note, I did not research any other available similar items on their website or any other company, so there may be other available products that perform just as well or better.


If anyone knows of any other products, or would like to relate a similar idea, the message board is always open: (

More formal latent print discussions are available at (



Comments on obtaining inked prints:

"Women are the hardest to take prints from, because they put all that foo-foo
stuff on their hands."

Submitted by Jon Stimac



Become an indispensable employee

Does your boss depend on you and seek your advice?  If not, it's time to step up an dmake yourself indispensable.  Solve problems and you'll be viewed as a critical part of the team.  Here's how:

Listen, listen, listen.  Find out what influential people are talking about.  Excessive labor costs?  An inability to crack a certain market?  Shoddy workmanship?

Ask questions.  Take the initiative and ask someone who's "in the know" about the concerns of higher management.  "Darrell, what's keeping us from having a better year?  Why isn't our profit ratio higher?  Why is our competition doing better than we are?"  Your interest alone will make you appear more aware, and that will enhance your manager's estimation of you.

Roll up your sleeves and work.  Now that you know what your organization's problems are, you can help solve them.  Set aside 15 minutes every morning to think about solutions.  Research the issue.  Read trade publications and discuss your readings with a co-worker or friend.

Talking sometimes brings inspiration.  With a little bit of research and hard work, you'll be amazed at how many viable solutions to your organization's problems you can come up with.

-Adapted from The Indispensable Employee, Eric Weber, via Communication Briefings, January 2004, 800.722.9221,



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