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Monday, December 6, 2004

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.

Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
compiled by Jon Stimac

Crash Halts Police Print Checks BBC NEWS, UK - Dec. 3, 2004 ...Police forces in the UK could not access national fingerprint records for up to a week because of a computer failure...

Police Get New Laser Fingerprint Imager HOMETOWN CHANNEL.COM, AR  - Dec. 3, 2004 ...a new laser fingerprinting system gaves Van Buren police a cutting-edge tool in their battle against crime...

Fingerprint Scans to Test Gun Ownership Eligibility   WASHINGTON TIMES, DC - Dec. 3, 2004 ...local police will be the licensing authority, but fingerprints will be taken electronically and stored in the statewide system...

School Tests Hi-Tech Fingerprint Scheme in Drive to Beat Truancy   GLASGOW EVENING TIMES, UK  - Nov. 30, 2004 ...a secondary school is testing a "revolutionary" fingerprint-recognition registration system in a bid to beat truancy...


Last week
we looked Hans van den Nieuwendijk's page on incipient ridges.

This week

Ed German brings us a report on the dedication of the Faulds Memorial a few weeks ago in Scotland.

A Report on the Dedication of the Faulds Memorial in Beith, Scotland
by Ed German, CLPE, FFS

Beith, Scotland is a small village about fifteen miles southwest of Glasgow.  It is the hometown of Dr. Henry Faulds.  On 12 November 2004, I visited Beith to attend the dedication of a memorial to Dr. Faulds.  The accompanying photos tell the story of the dignified event organized by local resident Donald Reid and attended by 50 or so Beith citizens, politicians, descendants of Dr. Henry Faulds, the Japanese Police attaché (Second Secretary) from the embassy in London, Shirley and Iain McKie, and a tiny delegation of fingerprint experts. 

The fingerprint expert community was only represented by Allan Bayle, a former UK police fingerprint expert who now works as a private consultant, and me, a US Army fingerprint expert.  Having made several pilgrimages to Dr. Henry Faulds’ memorial in Tsukiji, Japan, I could not resist the attraction of attending.  Although we did not claim to officially represent any organization, Mr. Bayle and I are members of various professional fingerprint organizations including the IAI, The Fingerprint Society, and SWGFAST. 

Due to intermittent rain, the outdoor ceremony was brief and most comments were made in a church atop a nearby hill.  Excellent home made pastries, cakes and snacks were provided in the church by local women.  A Scottish craftsman displayed a chair he carved and dedicated to Dr. Faulds.  The seat of the chair included inlaid wooden printing stating, “GREAT SCOTS DONT CHEAT.”  I wondered what the phrase was meant to signify.  The craftsman explained that the phrase was an admonishment for school children… and others present mentioned that it might be an admonishment for the SCRO in light of the Shirley McKie debacle. 

The event was very fitting as a tribute to Dr. Faulds.  Local and national TV and newsprint media covered the story.  I encourage any fingerprint experts touring Scotland to include a trip to Beith on their itinerary. 

Allan Bayle, my loving wife, Nannette, and I were the houseguests of Iain and Mairie McKie at their beachfront home in Ayr, about 30 minutes from Beith. 

The crowd


Four Faulds family members.


Various officials and visitors… Yoshihisa Tsukida of the Japanese National Police Agency is beside Ed.  The man in the hat is Dr. Fauld’s great nephew.  The man in red carved the Dr. Faulds chair (and is wearing a wooden hat and bowtie). 

Chair carved in 2004, dedicated to Dr. Henry Faulds.


Church were refreshments and indoor remarks occurred.


Allan Bayle and Ed German

Allan Bayle, Shirley McKie and Iain McKie


The Plaque


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