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Monday, January 24, 2005

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.

Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
compiled by Jon Stimac

Fingerprints on Robbery Note Lead to Arrest BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES, PA - Jan. 21, 2005 ...using fingerprints from the door and the note, Middletown police were able to identify suspect...

Fingerprints Will Assure Military Recruits Take Tests WAVY-TV, VA  - Jan. 20, 2005 ...fingerprinting to prevent recruits from sending "ringers" to take the test and the physical exam...

Police to Use Roadside Fingerprint Technology if New Bill is Passed   COMPUTERACTIVE, UK - Jan. 18 2005 ...suspects could be fingerprinted at the roadside using scanners if new rules proposed by the Home Office are passed...

Fingerprint Comparison Confirms Identity Of 2003 Murder Victim   WBAL CHANNEL.COM, MD  - Jan. 18, 2005 ...Maryland authorities determine victim was from Massachusetts...


Last week Craig Coppock published the concept of a Regional Training and Protocol Recommendations for Friction Ridge Individualization (RTPRFI)

This week we consider what updates would be useful in an AFIS system.

My recent duties prototyping and bringing into operation the Automated Biometric Identification System of the Department of Defense (DoD ABIS) has really opened my eyes to the potential of AFIS systems in general.  As the UK is building "IDENT 1" and the FBI gears up for "Next Generation IAFIS" I found myself wondering if there are any good ideas from the latent print community that would go unheard because nobody ever asked latent print examiners what they would like to see different in "Next Gen IAFIS".

I would like to open up the issue for comment.  For example, IDENT 1 will enhance accuracy, enhance efficiency, and incorporate palm prints into the existing system.  Ways to increase accuracy include better algorithms, different search processes, more accurate scoring mechanisms, etc.  Efficiency can be increased by simply adding processing power, or by other means such as incorporating new transaction types or searching processes within the system.  Palm print search capability will increase the number of possible latent print cases solved, but it also has the potential to revolutionize the way criminals are identified by police.  A palm print contains more than double the identifying characteristics than the associated fingers of that hand.  The potential for increased absolute "lights-out" identification could utilize palm prints for this purpose. 

One of the updates I am making to the ABIS system involves the RFES software by Lockheed Martin.  As the interface between the latent print examiner and AFIS, the RFES software holds potential to provide greater functionality needed by the latent print community.  If you use ULW to search IAFIS, RFES is very similar... so any suggestions would apply to AFIS processing in general.

If appropriate, applicable suggestions should be passed on to the FBI CJIS division in the correct format.  There is a process to submit ideas to CJIS in the form of a topic paper.  These should include a description of the problem, or how the issue is handled now; a suggested solution; a scenario or example; the benefit of your solution to the solution of crime or the criminal justice community; the impact on the time of users or the resources of the system; the importance of the solution; and your contact name and information.

Many great ideas go unproven simply because they are never expressed.  Don't let this be the fate of your suggestion.  Find someone at CJIS who can relate your request to those currently designing Next Generation IAFIS.  Or if you want to brainstorm a though or post in a public forum, the message board is always open: (


More formal latent print discussions are available at (



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