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Monday, October 24, 2005

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.
Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
compiled by Jon Stimac

CSI Pennsylvania   York Daily Record - Oct 23, 2005 ...Governor presents plan to replace sworn crime lab employees with civilian positions...

Mobile morgue unit gets grim task after Katrina Arizona Republic, AZ - Oct 23, 2005 ...the grim task of identifying the remains of those who died during and after Hurricane Katrina...

Arizona: Fingerprinting for Speeding Tickets, AZ - Oct 20, 2005 ...Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio will now demand fingerprints from any motorist stopped for a routine traffic violation in his 9000 square mile territory...

DNA from fingerprints, - July 2005 ...the careful collection of the fingerprint from the physical evidence is critical... it is dependent on the number of cells collected from a fingerprint...

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Updated the Detail Archives


Last week

we looked at the final results of CLPEX voting on "major case" prints, the IAI update, and several NIJ grant awards.

This week

Sandy Siegel posts on the 8th Annual Cogent User Group Conference.  Thanks for the report, Sandy!
The 8th Annual Cogent User Group Conference

The 8th annual Cogent User Group Conference was a great success, from the top of the line accommodations at the Marriott Wardman to the dinner cruise down the Potomac river.

The keynote speech-The Use of Biometrics on a Globally Interoperable Basis: The Case of Travel Documents, was presented by Barry Kefauve, Adjunct Professor at the James Monroe Professional and Graduate Center of Mary Washington College. This presentation traced the history of biometrics and the present state of travel document biometric technology.

Although the theme was Biometrics on the Front Line of Global Security, the speakers presented a wide range of information.

John Armstrong, Chief Inspector with the Metroploitan Police Service in London gave a presentation on the bombings in London. Using PROMAT video image capture systems as part of the investigation and, how they were used to assist witnesses identifiying suspects.

Patricia Pallares, President of Exicom, Inc. talked on how to tap into Federal grant programs to fund technology acquisitions.

Dave Wtizke, Vice-President of Program Development for Foray Technologies gave two presentations dealing with digital imaging.

Dave Carlton, Fingerprint Expert, Sussex Police spoke on the Tsunami in South East Asia. The reasons, the aftermath, the people affected and the forensic techniques used to identify victims.

Henry Steger, VP of Marketing and sale for Smith Heiman Biometrics Systems gave general information on CrossMatch-News and 1000ppi Live scanner systems.

Neal Latta, Department of Home Land Secirity talked about fingerprint services for DHS.

Lori Osborn, Supervisor Ohio BCI AFIS presented information on the growth of the Ohio AFIS upgrading to CAFIS 5.1.

Michael McCabe, Computer Scientist in the Information Technology Laboratory talked about application of standards and proposed changes for the ANST?NIST-ITL 1_200x Standard.

Arie Zeelenberg, Senior Fingerprint Expert for the Dutch Police. As chairman of the Interpol Fingerprint Moniternig Expert Group, spoke about Interpol & Fingerprints: More than a mailbox. IEEGFI (Interpol European Expert Group on Fingerprint Identification 1 and 2) and IFMEG (Interpol Fingerprint Monitoring Expert Group)

Scott Swann / Gary Williams, both with the FBI covered background information on the current IAFIS and the CJIS Division's committment to providing the highest quality of biometric identification service.

Mourad Naimi with DGSN Morocco, Robert Jackson / Gordon Brussow with the Stanislau Co SD and Hobby Ballard / Patrick Stevens with Fresno Co. SO, each gave presentations as new users.

Steve Meager, FBI, Latent Print Unit talked about the Madrid Bombing and the changes made within the FBI.

Tom Hopper, Senior CVomputer Engineer, Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the FBI spoke of the FBI'S new Flats-Based civil background checks.

Ann Punter with Cogent Systems answered questions submitted by the Cogent User Community.

And last John M. Garvey, Police Commander (retired), City of Portland gave information about the LETIX Universal Card ID Database, to develop and maintain a nationwide database to help Law Enforcement and Financial services investigate identity theft.

There were three presenters for the "Hit-of the Year" poster presentation, Winnipeg Police Service, (Canada), Technopol International (Slovikia) and Austin Police Dept. (Texas, USA). Each gave a three to five minute presentation highlighting cases that were solved using the Cogent system. The award went to the Austin Police Dept.

While we have had our system for over two years, this was my first conference. I got to see first hand how Cogent is committed to communication, support and services for the users.

Thank you Cogent for a great time,
Sandy Siegel, Austin Police Department.


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