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Monday, April 24, 2006

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No major updates on the site this week.


Last week

we took a step back and looked at some funny posts regarding classic bank robber quotes.

This week

we take a look at the announcement of an overhaul of the Scottish Fingerprint Service (formerly SCRO).

Excerpts taken from:
"Fingerprint shake-up 'to make service world-class'" by LOUISE GRAY and "Scotland Plans Major Developments to its Fingerprinting Service" by the Public Technology Net Editor. (Web links at the end).

The text below has been re-formatted for a latent print audience from the original articles, published as a news reports.

FINGERPRINT services in Scotland are to be overhauled in line with international standards.

On Friday, April 21, in the wake of the Shirley McKie case, the Justice Minister, Cathy Jamieson published a 25-point strategy review for the fingerprint service in Scotland. Ms Jamieson said a shake-up was necessary to restore public confidence in using fingerprints to identify criminals, and said she was "determined to ensure that the Scottish Fingerprint Service is recognized - at home and abroad - as truly worldwide class."

The action plan was drawn up by Deputy Chief Constable David Mulhern, interim chief executive of the Scottish Police Services Authority. It calls for a number of changes in the SCRO:

* The four regional fingerprint bureaus are to be streamlined into one single organization to end "inter-bureau tension".

* A critical review is to be conducted of the leadership and culture within the Scottish Fingerprint Service to create a modern workforce that is underpinned by transparent, ethical working practices which reassure the public and staff of the organization's professionalism

* Fingerprints will be identified through "a more holistic method" [non-numeric standard] that identifies the print though an unlimited number of marks and shapes, introduced in England and Wales five years ago, rather than the current 16-point comparison. This transition will occur by the end of August 2006.

* Make consistent the practice of verification of fingerprints by a second "anonymous" expert, which "is currently only done in the larger unit in Glasgow".

* A review of latent print examiner training to an international standard.

* A hotline will be set up to let staff report concerns about identification of prints or seek advice.

* The merger of the fingerprint service with the forensic science unit to ensure greater continuity from the discovery of the mark to identification of the person responsible.

Mr Mulhern said the changes were "rightly ambitious" and will create a world-class service.  "The public can be reassured that everything possible is being done to create a service in Scotland that is benchmarked against the best in the world and adopts the very best practice at all levels."

A copy of the plan will now be sent to Holyrood's Justice 1 committee and international experts who will help implement the plan. Danny Greathouse, of the US Department of Homeland Security, Dutch expert Arie Zeelenberg, and the the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism forensic services chief Bruce Grant in London have been hired to execute the plan. Their role is to provide:

> An expert view of current processes within the Scottish Fingerprint Service and to validate them as good practice or otherwise;
> A high level assessment of the Scottish Fingerprint Service and an indication of what areas should be prioritized within an action plan; and provide advice on the appropriateness of the main components and work streams within it;
> Advice on best contemporary practice within the science of fingerprints; Guidance and advice on structure, policy and procedure within the Scottish Fingerprint Service.


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