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Monday, August 6, 2007

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.
Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
compiled by Jon Stimac

Chemical Imaging: Potential New Crime Busting Tool  RxPG NEWS, CA - Aug 2, 2007 ...scientists found that gel tapes provide a method for collection of prints for chemical imaging analysis...

Expert: Fingerprints Match Accused Killer GARY POST-TRIBUNE, IN - Aug 3, 2007 ...the left thumb print of suspect was found at the crime scene...

DPP 'did not reveal fingerprints' THE CONSUMERIST, NY - July 24, 2007 ...fingerprints from a 1994 murder were not revealed at the trial of a Perth man later wrongfully convicted for the crime...

Expert Testifies Fingerprint Links Suspect to Murder PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - Aug 2, 2007 ...a bloody fingerprint found near the body of murder victim belonged to the suspect...

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Latent Print Examiner Positions - CONUS/OCONUS
wkpetroka 1978 Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:44 am

need help from CA AZ and NM clpex peeps, please
sandra wiese 379 Mon Jul 30, 2007 8:42 pm



Updated the Detail Archives.


Last week

we took a look at the concept of color blindness and latent print examination.

This week

we take a look at the new re-certification guidelines for many of the IAI disciplines.

New 2008 IAI Re-Certification Requirements
by Kasey Wertheim

At the IAI conference in San Diego, the Board of Directors mandated new requirements for IAI CLPE's to re-certify.  The transition is in accordance with a Forensic Specialties Accreditation Board (FSAB) requirement for consistency across certification board requirements.  More can be found on the FSAB at their website,

The new IAI re-certification requirements are based on a system of achieving 80 credits rather than the old requirement of 40 hours of continuing education. It is important for examiners who will be eligible for re-certification after January 1, 2008 to understand these new requirements so they don't find themselves rushing to understand and determine if they are eligible for IAI re-certification. Applicants may use the old system of continuing education until December 31, 2007, or they may choose to use the new system effective immediately.  The new system also applies to other IAI re-certification programs that may affect readers of the Detail, such as Crime Scene Investigators, Crime Scene Analysts, Senior Crime Scene Analysts, Tenprint Fingerprint Examiners, Forensic Photographers, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysts.

Under the new system, credits are allotted for a wider range of activities than only training events. 5-year re-certification credits can be obtained for up to 5 years of full-time casework, registered attendance at board-recognized forensic meetings, author presentations or publications of papers, workshops or seminars, participation in public panel discussions, presentation of posters, participation in board-recognized courses, workshops or in-service training events, membership, holding offices or serving on committees in board-recognized forensic societies, being the primary provider of on-the-job training to novice forensic examiners, teaching forensic related college courses, conducting and presenting research to the general public, or any other activity that an applicant for recertification feels that the specific certification board should consider. There are specific credit amounts and maximum credit allowances for each category during the preceeding 5-year re-certification period:

Full-time Forensic Casework: 4 credits per year where over half of the applicant's work is devoted to forensic science examinations - 20 credits maximum.

Registered attendance at board-recognized forensic meetings: 2 credits per half day - 60 credits maximum.

Presentation of papers: 5 credits for each different paper 40 credit maximum.

Participation in panel discussions or poster presentations: 5 credits each 40 credit maximum.

Conducting forensic training workshops or seminars specifically geared toward forensic examiner attendees: 5 credits per half day presentation 40 credit maximum.

Conducting training workshops for non-examiners: 3 credits per half-day presentation 20 credit maximum.

Publication of articles in board recognized forensic journals: up to 10 credits per article (no guidance on assignment of points on the re-certification form) 20 credit maximum.

Attendance at or participation in board-recognized courses or workshops or in-service training sessions: 2 credits per half day 60 credit maximum.

Holding offices, serving on committees, or performing journal publication services for board-recognized forensic societies: 5 credits per year served - 20 credit maximum.

Membership in board-recognized forensic societies: 1 credit per year of
membership per organization 20 credit maximum.

Acting as the primary provider of on-the-job training for novice forensic examiners: 5 credits per year training is provided 20 credit maximum.

Providing written summaries (minimum of 250 words) of articles written by other forensic examiners or related professionals: 2 credits per article 32 credit maximum.

Any other activity that an applicant for recertification feels that the specific certification board should consider, such as teaching forensic related college courses, research and presentations to the general public, etc.: (no guidance on assignment of points on the re-certification form) 24 credit maximum.

On a humorous note, re-certifying examiners only have to get less than 20% of the possible 416 maximum credits.  If anyone turns in for re-certification with all 416 points, I would like to extend a special gift of achievement - a t-shirt for over-achievers, to be designed by yours truly at that time. 

Just to make it clear what the requirements entail for the over-achiever award, over a 5-year period of time after his/her certification or re-certification, this very unique individual would have to achieve 5 years of full-time employment in their discipline -AND- 15 days of attendance at forensic meetings -AND- 8 paper presentations -AND- participation in 8 panel discussions or poster presentations -AND- presentation of 4 days of workshops or seminars to experts -AND- presentation of 28 hours of workshops to non-experts -AND- publication of 2 articles in forensic journals -AND- attendance at 15 days of courses or workshops -AND- 4 years serving on a committee or holding an office (or 2 years of holding an office AND serving on a committee) -AND- membership in 4 forensic societies for all 5 years -AND- acting as the primary trainer for a novice examiner for 4 years -AND- providing 16 written summaries of articles written by other forensic examiners as Weekly Details (or other publications - ha ha) -AND- qualify for the 24-credit maximum for "other activity" as determined by the certification board for teaching forensic related college courses, presenting research to the general public, etc.

Back to reality now. (some of you will take that as a challenge, which it is)

Remember that documentation must be submitted with your re-certification application in duplicate for any activity for which credit is claimed. For example, training certificates from seminars and workshops; photocopies of articles published; other documentation for office or committee involvement, etc. must be attached to the application.

The IAI certification programs still honor a one-year grace period after expiration of certification. During this period, the applicant doesn't have to take the original certification test again. But if certification is expired for more than one year, the applicant will be required to retest to achieve certification.

The information above was obtained from IAI Latent Print Certification Board members and the IAI website. It is recommended that each applicant applying for re-certification in the near future access their IAI certification discipline link on, download a copy of the re-certification form, and begin gathering the required documentation for their activities during the preceding 5-year re-certification period. This is especially important if the applicant is unsure whether they have met the 80-credit requirement for the re-certification period. Going through the documentation-gathering phase at an earlier than necessary time will afford additional requirements to be met prior to their re-certification cutoff date or grace-period date.

The IAI CLPE Application for Recertification can be downloaded at the following link:

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Until next Monday morning, don't work too hard or too little.

Have a GREAT week!