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Monday, February 18, 2008

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compiled by Jon Stimac

Surgeon Gets Prison Term for Removing Fingerprints ARIZONA DAILY STAR - Feb 13, 2008 - ...a plastic surgeon who removed the fingerprints of a man involved in a drug ring must serve 18 months in prison...

Fingerprint Analysis Nanotechnology Shows Positive Growth FORENSIC MAGAZINE - Feb 14, 2008  ...a nanotechnology-based method used to uniquely identify chemicals in fingerprints within minutes of analyzing a sample...

Lockheed Wins 10-year FBI Contract  WASHINGTON POST - Feb 13, 2008 ...the FBI has awarded Lockheed Martin a $1 billion, 10-year contract to build a biometric collection system and database...

Fingerprint Leads to Theft Charge PAULS VALLEY DAILY DEMOCRAT, OK - Feb 14, 2008 - ...a single fingerprint left at the scene of a burglary several weeks ago was enough for authorities to eventually track down a suspect...

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Updated the Fingerprint Interest Group web page with FIG # 33

Inserted KEPT #7 - Error Rates - The Main Cause:  Discuss this topic on - a discussion has been created for KEPT.

Last week

Michele Triplett brought us an independent user-review of the Competency Assessment Services Limited (CAS Ltd.) latent print examination proficiency test.

This week

we look at recent information on the commercialization of fingerprint nanotechnology.
Fingerprint Analysis Nanotechnology Shows Positive Growth

UK-based ROAR Particles plc (ROAR) developed a nanotechnology-based method used to uniquely identify chemicals in fingerprints within minutes of analyzing a sample. The chemicals include nicotine, illicit and prescribed drugs, and a variety of contact residues, including materials used by terrorists and criminals. The method has the potential to identify bio-markers, indicating age, sex, and ethnicity of the fingerprint donor.

ROAR took shape in 2006 when Professor Fred Rowell of the University of Sunderland wanted to commercialize his fingerprint analysis method. He serves as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of the company. The company believes that 2008 will be significant in that many law enforcement agencies, including those in U.S., Australia, and Singapore, will begin to report positive findings following trials of the company’s fingerprint analysis nanotechnology.

About ROAR

ROAR Particles Ltd was formed in 2006 to exploit the technology that was generated by Professor F Rowell at the University of Sunderland. The University of Sunderland has a strong focus on nanotechnology and analytical chemistry. The University has one of the largest single groupings of experts in the UK, comprising of 3 professors and a further 11 academics.

The Unit is part of the UIC, Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology, Micro and Photonics Systems (CENAMPS) set up to commercially exploit excellence with the five North East Universities.

Description of the Business

ROAR Particles Ltd is involved in the research, development and manufacture of nanotechnology derived particles for commercial applications. In the short-medium term (1 - 2 years) the company will concentrate on supplying, via third-party producers, forensic particles which will be sold in bulk to licensees globally. In the medium-long term (2 - 5 years) the company will investigate entry into the Immigration Screening, Employee Screening and Sports Testing Markets.

Development of Business Ideas

Using a ‘Proof on Concept Grant’ awarded by NStar valued at £90k, ROAR Particles Ltd, via the University of Sunderland; have developed a range of stable silica nanoparticles which have embedded in them a variety of dyes and particles. An obvious commercial application for the technology is the forensic market place and in particular the profiling of latent fingerprints. Based on patents taken out by the University of Sunderland, ROAR Particles Ltd was formed and patent rights have been transferred to ROAR Particles Ltd for perpetuality, globally and with the right to sublicense.

Principle Products or Services

ROAR Particles Ltd will offer the following products and services:

• Nanoparticle powders that will replace traditional dusting powders that are used to define and profile latent fingerprints

• Nanoparticles for use in identifying compounds which may be left on latent fingerprints from human contact e.g. of drug abuse (cocaine), nicotine and explosives

• Nanoparticles for use in the identification of endogenous and exogenous metabolites within the structure of fingerprints e.g. prescribed drugs (anti-epileptics, anti-depressives, anti-psychotics, antibiotics etc)

• Nanoparticles for skin cell harvesting from latent print deposits which would be ale to detect and record DNA profiles.

The Management Team

The CEO’s responsibility will cover the company’s strategy, marketing issues and financing requirements, both short-long term.

Mr J Arend (Chief Executive Officer)

After obtaining his degree from London School of Economics, Mr Arend joined Richardson Merrell (now part of Procter & Gamble) and for eight years worked in various marketing capacities up to Director of Marketing for both OTC and ethical pharmaceuticals in the USA, Australasia and Europe. Mr Arend joined Rhone Poulenc as a regional general manager (Asia/South East Asia) in charge of ethical and OTC pharmaceuticals and later was head of consumer pharmaceuticals for the group. In 1987 he started an independent consultancy advising emerging biotechnologies on business planning, business development, strategy, and fund raising. Mr Arend has been a prime mover and both executive and non-executive director in the start-up and subsequent flotation of several biotech companies including Antisoma plc, Osmotech plc, Reflect Technologies plc, Enzacta plc, Doctors Direct plc and Analytical NanoTechnologies plc.


The CSO’s responsibility will be undertaking research and development in line with the strategical goals of the company.

Professor Frederick Rowell (Chief Scientific Officer)

Professor Rowell has over 34 years of research and development experience and has specialised in analytical chemistry with an emphasis of bioreactor technology. He has been the author of over 100 publications in peer reviewed journals and has generated £2.1 million in research grants from industry, charity and UK/EU governmental and funding agencies. Professor Rowell has worked with Technia Diagnostics, International Laboratory Services Ltd, Cambridge Life Sciences plc, World Health Organisation, Horse Racing Forensic Laboratory and Helena Biosciences in a consultancy capacity.

From the Forum:

Does anyone have any information on this nanoparticle powder and how it is designed to work?


Additional question - has anyone studied the health aspects of nanoparticles related to latent powder developement?


KEPT - Keeping Examiners Prepared for Testimony - #7
Error Rates - The Main Cause
by Michele Triplett, King County Sheriff's Office

Disclaimer:  The intent of this is to provide thought provoking discussion.  No claims of accuracy exist. 


Question – Error Rates:

When do most errors occur?


Possible Answers:

a)      Most errors are in single ID cases.

b)      Most errors are caused by a lack of focus.

c)      Most errors are caused by potential AFIS candidates.

d)     Most errors are caused by inadequate training.

e)      I haven’t seen any published reports with this type of research.  The Dror / Charlton studies do show that bias is one potential cause and the Bertram / Byrd research has shown that bias is only a problem when an alternative conclusion is possible (with complex comparisons).



Answers a, b, c, and d:  It’s easy to give possible reasons for errors but during testimony its important separate speculative information from facts.  I’m not aware of any research that shows why errors occur.

Answer e:  This seems to be the best answer.  It states the research that’s been done without overstating its value.


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