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Monday, September 8, 2008

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.
Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
by Kasey Wertheim
Gun charge levied five years after 2003 incident in Portsmouth
Foster's Daily Democrat, NH - Sep 4, 2008
... following the state crime lab taking two years to return a report showing a latent fingerprint on the handgun was in fact Odquina's. ...
US cold case sleuth leans on local forensics expertise
Business Weekly, UK - Sep 2, 2008
“Four fired shell casings ejected from the suspect’s pistol were recovered at the scene and have been processed for latent fingerprints using traditional ...
Iredell crime lab speeds investigations
Statesville Record & Landmark,  USA - Sep 1, 2008
The Iredell County Sheriff's Office Crime Lab compared fingerprints lifted at the scene of the Aug. 1 break-in and from stolen property recovered by the SPD ...
Carjacked man feared for life during ordeal
So Md News, MD - Aug 29, 2008
... court papers state, St. Mary’s crime lab technicians determined that a fingerprint from evidence in Windsor’s car matched Stafford’s fingerprints. ...

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Evidence Fabrication in South Africa
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Metadata in Photoshop
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VMD Boc Edwards ID750
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MRM-10 Dye Stain
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'honest mistake'
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The Phoenix Police Department Crime Lab is hiring...
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Is Latent Print Evidence Infallible
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Updated the Detail Archives

Last week

we looked at a new book chapter on bias.

This week

we look at how Dr. Bond's technique helped a Georgia cold case.  More on this technique in future Details.

British Scientist Helps with Georgia Cold Case
The Associated Press

Fingerprint evidence in a double homicide nine years ago in southeast Georgia has been revealed through a technique developed by a British forensic scientist who says his method could help detect latent prints on bullets or terrorist bombs.

John Bond of the University of Leicester uses an electric charge to detect print fragments left by the faint corrosion produced by sweat on metal. The charge attracts fine powder to the latent print similar to the action of a photocopier on a piece of paper.

Kingsland Police Chief Darryl Griffis read about Bond's work and sent a cold-case detective, Christopher King, to England with four shell casings found after two auto-title pawn business managers were robbed and fatally shot Dec. 1, 1999.

King believes one of the casings revealed enough detail of a fingerprint ridge to provide an identification. But Griffis cautions that the crime is far from being solved.

"I'm happy with the results right now, but we have a lot of work to do with it," Griffis said Thursday.

The suspect, or suspects, could have come from almost anywhere. Kingsland is just a few miles from the Florida border along Interstate 95, the major East Coast artery from Maine to Miami.

The four shell casings from a 7.65 mm, or .380-caliber, gun were processed for latent fingerprints using traditional methods of dusting and fuming with no results.

Bond, who also works with the Northamptonshire Police, examined the casings using the new technique. He found fingerprint ridges on three, one with detail that King found surprising.

"These results are better than I had expected and better than I hoped for," the detective said.

Bond said he was not optimistic when he first saw the shells because they are smaller than what his team has worked on, "which meant the contact area between a finger and the casing would be small because of the tight radius of the casings."

"This is the first 'live' case we have looked at where we have found points of identification on the enhanced fingerprint," Bond said.

But even if there is not enough to identify the offender, the process might help to eliminate suspects, he said.

Bond said he is averaging about one call a day, mostly from the U.S., about potential cases.

KEPT - Keeping Examiners Prepared for Testimony - #34
Verification: What information did you know?
by Michele Triplett, King County Sheriff's Office

Disclaimer:  The intent of this is to provide thought provoking discussion.  No claims of accuracy exist. 


Question – Verification:

What information about the conclusions were you given?


Possible Answers:

a)      I was given the conclusions of the original examiner but it didn’t influence my own conclusion.

b)      I was given a chart of what was seen during the analysis phase, documentation of the comparison, and the conclusions.

c)      I wasn’t given anything.



Answer a:   It’s very common for the verifier to know the conclusion of the original examiner.  If people completely understand their function as a verifier then knowing someone’s previous conclusion shouldn’t be a biasing factor.  Stating that knowing the conclusion didn’t influence your decision sounds defensive and only needs to be stated if you’re asked about this.

Answer b:  This answer is honest, clear, and confident.

Answer c:   If this is true then I see nothing wrong with this answer but I don’t think this happens very often in our field.



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