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Monday, September 22, 2008

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.
Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
by Kasey Wertheim
Lack of forensic experts affects investigation
The News International, Pakistan - Sept 20, 2008
The Investigation Wing is now currently working without fingerprint experts who could have proved fruitful in tracing out fraud and murder cases. ...
Ex-programmer volunteers as crime-scene tech
AZ, AZ - Sept 20, 2008
"Most of these fingerprints I collect, nothing will ever come of it," Brehm said. She has dusted for prints on two vehicle burglaries so far. ...
Prosecutors say Harrison wrote victim's suicide note
Arizona Daily Wildcat, AZ - Sep 18, 2008
Later, the prosecution called Alicia Perkins, a Department of Public Safety latent print examiner, to provide expert testimony. Perkins testified that she ...
Bombs show one fingerprint
Calcutta Telegraph, India - Sep 17, 2008
Forensic tests on bombs defused in the capital have thrown up the same set of fingerprints, which means one person did all the dirty work, ...

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Updated the Fingerprint Interest Group (FIG) page with FIG #62; Double-Tap; submitted by T. Cross of Texas.  You can send your example of unique distortion to Charlie Parker:  For discussion, visit the forum FIG thread.

Updated the forum Keeping Examiners Prepared for Testimony (KEPT) thread with KEPT #36; Third Level Detail - Is It Permanent?, submitted by Michelle Triplett.  You can send your questions on courtroom topics to Michelle Triplett:

Updated the Detail Archives

Last week

we looked at an article by Simon Cole.

This week

JoePolski relates the monthly IAI Update that covers the IAI conference in Kentucky last month.

IAI Monthly Update
by Joe Polski

2008 Louisville Conference

The 93rd Annual International Educational Conference of the IAI is now history and will go down in the annals as one of the best ever. With over 1,300 delegates, vendors and social attendees, the turnout was very, very good considering that Louisville Kentucky is away from the large population centers of the United States.

Our thanks to outgoing board members Mike Gaynor, Mona Lisa Maynard, Glen Calhoun and last year’s board chair, Diana Castro for their years of dedicated service to the IAI. We also thank Helga Langthon, the former Division Representative for her service to the association. We will miss each of them.

Congratulations to Debbie Leben who was elected to the position of Fourth Vice-President and will leave her board position to assume that office. We also congratulate new board members Joseph Means, Ray Jorz and Kathy Hentges on their election to the Board of Directors and look forward to working with them during the upcoming year. Congratulations to Ken Zercie who was appointed by President Bob Garrett to fill the unexpired board term (one year) of Debbie Leben who was elected to Fourth Vice-President and also to newly elected Division Representative Dr. Jean Curtit.

The board meeting minutes will be published in a future of Identification News but a few highlights follow:

• A presentation by Bill Vickers from the Department of Defense in which he outlined the biometric mission of that department and explored opportunities for mutual cooperation between the IAI and the DoD.

• Distinguished Membership status was awarded to John Onstwedder, Bill Bodziak, Robert Romotowski and Tom Bevel.

• Moved ahead with planning for a Crime Scene Reconstructionist Certification that will fall under the auspices of the Crime Scene Certification Board.

• Finalized the consolidation of the Robert L. Johnson and William Whyte Foundations into the Johnson-Whyte Memorial Foundation Fund.

• Presented the Dondero Award to David Ashbaugh from British Columbia, Canada for his work with friction ridge identification.

• Presented the Good of the Association Award to Debbie Leben for her dedication of time and talent to the IAI and her work with the Twins Day Research Project

• Discussed the creation of a Forensic Anthropology Certification Program and remanded that back to the Forensic Anthropology Sub-committee for more detail

• Discussed the feasibility of developing an IAI Latent Fingerprint Proficiency Testing Program. Ken Smith will develop a business plan for this possible future venture.

Molly Moriarty – IAI Office

Monday, September 08, 2008 was Molly’s last day here in the IAI Office. Molly has been with us for the past five and a half years as part of the IAI office staff. She performed many support activities for the IAI membership but also handled the administration of the Crime Scene Certification Board. Molly left to take a full-time position at Best Buy’s corporate office in Richfield, MN. We are going to miss her contributions of time, talent and dedication to the IAI and wish her will in her new endeavors. There will be a slight realignment of duties in the office and, at least for now, Jennifer will be handling most of the Crime Scene Certification matters.

We have hired a new person to take Molly’s position, Theresa Eisele. Theresa will begin work later this week and we look forward to her contributions to the association. Welcome Theresa!!!

ATTN: Division Secretaries and Officers

As a chartered division of the IAI, each division has a responsibility to the IAI parent body to send any changes to the division’s constitution and/or by-laws to this office for approval by both the IAI’s Legal Counsel and myself. Below is an excerpt from the IAI’s by-laws that deals with this provision:

Section 14.03 Approval of Amendments to Division Constitutions and By-Laws. All amendments to division constitutions and By-Laws shall be submitted to the IAI Chief Operations Officer, and shall not be effective until approved by the IAI. The Chief Operations Officer shall administratively review the submitted amendment or amendments. If there is a significant administrative problem that cannot be corrected by consulting with the division, the amendment or amendments will be returned to the division with written suggestions on how to correct the administrative problem. After being corrected, the amendment or amendments must be resubmitted for review and approval. All amendments that pass the administrative review shall be forwarded to the IAI Legal Counsel for review. If there are any legal problems with the amendment or amendments, the IAI Legal Counsel shall attach a written explanation of how to correct the legal problems and return the amendment or amendments, with the attached written explanation to IAI Chief Operations Officer. The IAI Chief Operations Officer shall forward this documents to the submitting division. After being corrected, the amendment or amendments must be resubmitted for review and approval. If there are no administrative or legal problems, the IAI Chief Operations Officer shall immediately notify the submitting divisions that the amendment or amendments have been approved. However, if the Chief Operations Officer does not take any action within six months after receipt by the Association, the submitted amendment or amendments are automatically approved without any further action by the IAI

This office and the IAI’s Legal Counsel make every effort to approve those changes as soon as possible or to notify the division of any modifications necessary before approval.

2009 Membership Directory

It hardly seems possible but 2009 is not far off. We have begun preparation for the 2009 Membership Directory and in that regard, if any members have a change of information such as title, address, phone or fax numbers, e-mail address etc., please submit those changes to this office as soon as possible. In the near future we will begin to compile the data lists for the directory. All directory information will be submitted to the printer around the first of November so any changes received after that date will not be reflected in the 2009 Directory. Thanks for your cooperation.

KEPT - Keeping Examiners Prepared for Testimony - #36
Third Level Detail - Is It Permanent?
by Michele Triplett, King County Sheriff's Office


Disclaimer:  The intent of this is to provide thought provoking discussion.  No claims of accuracy exist. 


Question –3rd Level Detail:

Is 3rd level detail permanent?


Possible Answers:

a)      Yes.  Once the blue print of friction ridge detail is established, it remains the same until after death and decomposition takes place.

b)      Yes, it is permanent in that it always exists but it’s possible that it may not always be reproduced in a latent print.

c)      No, 3rd level detail is the shape of the ridges, the shapes of the pores, and the shape of the ridge edges.  As people age, these shape can change.

d)     3rd level details are features that are beyond 1st and 2nd level details.  Some of these are permanent and some are not.  For instance, a scar or a tension crease may be permanent or it may be temporary.  If it’s reproduced between an exemplar and a latent print then it can be used for identification purposes.



The definitions for 3rd level detail are a little vague.  Some people may label a feature as 3rd level detail while someone else may label it as 2nd level detail (such as incipient ridges).  If we’re using different definitions then we’ll never completely agree on other aspects about these features, like whether they are permanent or not.  While all of the answers above may be true under certain circumstances, d) seems to be the most comprehensive answer.




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