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Monday, December 1, 2008

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.
Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
by Kasey Wertheim
Police scientist off to give Americans fingerprint lesson
Northampton Chronicle & Echo, UK - Nov 28, 2008
He and colleagues conducted a study into the way fingerprints can corrode metal surfaces. The technique can enhance – after firing– a fingerprint that has ...
Investigator's discovery cracks two 1988 rape cases
Annapolis Capital, MD - Nov 25, 2008
He recalled how Investigator Johns noticed the fingerprints recovered at the city's crime scene in 1988 had been compared only to known suspects. ...
Two charged in Acushnet COA break
South Coast Today, MA - Nov 23, 2008
Police Chief Michael G. Alves said the State Police Crime Laboratory matched Mr. Amaral's fingerprint to a latent print taken from the break. ...
Soldiers invade Burqa demanding fingerprints on unknown Hebrew ...
International Solidarity Movement, Palestinian Territories - Nov 23, 2008
The soldiers entered fifteen houses in the village, forcing villagers at gunpoint to fingerprint mysterious documents written in Hebrew. ...

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Updated the Fingerprint Interest Group (FIG) page with FIG #72; matrix and overlay distortion, by an anonymous submitter.  You can send your example (anonymously if you desire) of unique distortion through Charlie Parker:  For discussion, visit the forum FIG thread.

Updated the Detail Archives

Last week

Glenn Langenburg brought us information regarding the recent fingerprint admissibility hearing in Minnesota.

This week

we take a look at new Quick Capture fingerprint technology from the FBI CJIS Division.

Quick Capture Fingerprint Technology on the Go

    Published online 11/21/08

    The Quick Capture Platform, which includes (left to right) the satelllite unit, laptop, battery, and fingerprint scanner.

    Last August, a man applied to become an Iraqi police officer in Baghdad’s International Zone. His fingerprints were run through a new portable fingerprint system called “Quick Capture,” and within a couple of minutes a hit was returned—his fingerprints matched latent prints found previously on a bomb.

    In the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, where identities are often murky and deception common, the U.S. and its global partners are in constant need of a way to run what are essentially instantaneous background checks, both in the field of battle and at military and government facilities.

    Precisely why we created “Quick Capture.” The system, launched last year, is just what the name says—a fast way to identify known or suspected terrorists, transnational criminals, and other persons of interest using fingerprint technologies.

    “Quick Capture gives us the same instant feedback capabilities abroad that law enforcement in the U.S. has had for years when accessing FBI databases during criminal investigations or routine traffic stops,” says Assistant Director Tom Bush of our Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

    It’s also a useful intelligence screening tool. Say our troops are doing a sweep of a suspected terrorist safe house in Iraq. They round up a half-dozen guys who all claim to be farmers. But our use of Quick Capture shows otherwise: one of the men has a terrorist record. Now we know to focus on him and attempt to gather potentially useful intelligence.

    A few telling details about Quick Capture:

    What it is. A laptop, fingerprint scanner, battery, and satellite unit weighing 22 pounds that fits into a backpack and can be easily transported into remote or hazardous places.

    How it works. FBI personnel collect and digitize fingerprints using the laptop, connect via satellite to two fingerprint databases back in the states, run searches against those prints, and wait just moments for potential matches. The two databases are the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (among its 62 million records are 77,000 records of known/suspected terrorists) and the Department of Defense’s Automated Biometric Identification System.

    Why it’s so handy. Since it’s portable, we can take it directly to where the bad guys are (i.e., remote towns and villages, mountains, caves, etc.). The satellite connection enables lightning fast response times. And by continually adding new fingerprints from suspicious characters overseas to our records, Quick Capture can even help keep terrorists and other thugs out of the U.S.

    Quick Capture is quite an upgrade. After 9/11, our experts had to use ink and paper cards to collect fingerprints overseas. Response times ranged from a couple of days to a couple of weeks because the cards had to be physically sent or hand-carried back to America. Eventually, the process was automated to enable electronic transmittal, but the equipment was stationary and had to work through phone lines so response times still averaged a few hours.

    But it’s just the beginning. As technology evolves, future models of Quick Capture will be even more lightweight and will include multi-modal capabilities like iris, palm, and facial recognition.

    How successful has Quick Capture been so far? Very. We’ve already collected nearly 6,000 sets of prints and have identified almost 1,300 known or suspected terrorists. “More important,” says Bush, “are the countless terrorist attacks that may have been prevented worldwide, including right here in the U.S.”

    Our Criminal Justice Information Services or CJIS complex in West Virginia is home to a range of state-of-the-art technologies and statistical services that serve the FBI and the entire criminal justice community—from our annual crime stats to our automated fingerprint systems, from our secure communications channel for law enforcement to our gun background checks.

    Along with IAFIS—our automated fingerprint ID system—we offer a range of information, training, and services related to fingerprints and criminal histories.

    *Fingerprint Overview and History (pdf)
    *Ordering Fingerprint Cards & Training Aids
    *Our Checks on Bank Employees
    *Requesting Your Fingerprint Record/Rap Sheet
    *FBI Name Checks For Fingerprint Submissions (pdf)
    *Submitting Arrest Dispositions
    *Taking Legible Fingerprints
    *Training: Fingerprint and Criminal History Record Training

    -Thomas E. Bush III
    Assistant Director, CJIS


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