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Monday, December 22, 2008

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Breaking NEWz you can UzE...
by Kasey Wertheim
Killer who slipped through the net
BBC News, UK - Dec 18, 2008
It was only in 1995 that Napper was arrested, after a fingerprint that had originally been dismissed as Samantha's was linked to him and also up to 106 "Green Chain" rapes...
Mehlville firefighter linked to killing by fingerprint, officials say
St. Louis Post-Dispatch,  United States - Dec 17, 2008
By Robert Patrick St. Louis ó The Mehlville firefighter charged last week in a contract killing was tracked by fingerprints on a book of matches discarded ...
Bugg Facing Lengthy Prison Term After 2nd Robbery Conviction
The Chattanoogan, TN - Dec 16, 2008
... found Bugg's fingerprint on a bottle of lotion. He said Bugg had used the lotion to spread around on the cash register to cover his fingerprints there. ...
Police say string of Neon thefts linked
Denton Record Chronicle, TX - Dec 16, 2008
Officers dusted the interior for fingerprints and a Denton forensic technician used the national Automated Fingerprint Identification System and matched a ...

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    Last week

    Josh Bergeron brought us commentary on the recent MN v. Hull Frye-Mack hearing.

    This week

    Charles Illsley brings us a tribute that honors the memory of Robert Hazen.

    The Fingerprints of Robert Hazen

    • A Special Tribute by Charles Illsley

      Fingerprints. Godís minute geology. Intricate, sculptured canyons on the fingers of every person. Unique to each finger and to each human being. And for good reason. Fingerprints are the tips of the soul. Created so that each person may reach out for those things most precious. Created by God that we may leave a mark or impression on this world and those around us. A fingerprint speaks to where a person has been. And to his every deed. In the lives of some men, these impressions are a testament to how profound a single touch may be in the lives of others.

      Anyone, especially those of us who were taught by Robert Hazen can easily see his fingerprints. More importantly, we recognize the subtle nuances of where he left these prints and what they mean. We see the fingerprints of Robert Hazen on many things and in many places. They speak volumes about this great and special man.

      We see his fingerprints on a family and in a home in the hills of Virginia. They tell us he had an unlimited capacity to love and nurture. His beautiful family, a wife, daughters, son, and grandchildren are his greatest mark on this world. They will always be his living legacy.

      We see his fingerprints on a rifle. They tell us he fought with honor for this nation that he loved so deeply.

      We see his fingerprints on a marble tombstone in Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place of his comrades. Some fell on the battle field. He wept openly at the graves of those most dear to him.

      We see his prints on a wooden rail that marks the site of the battle of Charlottesville, and at every other Civil War battle field in Virginia. These prints tell us about his love of history. His respect for courage. His recognition of sacrifice. He can recount the battles in greater detail than the generals who planned them.

      We see his fingerprints on the American Flag. They tell us it was one of the most sacred symbols in his life. He shrouded himself in the freedoms it represents. And he never let us forget how many Americans died to preserve those freedoms.

      We see his fingerprints on a magnifier. They tell us he labored most of his life studying the intricacies of Godís minute sculpture. Robert Hazen always called it his labor of love.

      We see his fingerprints on a blue pin striped suit, white shirt, red tie, and highly polished shoes. They speak of his pride. He was immaculate in his appearance. On any occasion. The only time some of us saw him in levis, they had been pressed.

      We see his fingerprints on a witness stand. They tell us he was the master of explaining his science to juries.

      We see his fingerprints on the chalkboards and projection screens of hundreds of classrooms throughout the world. They tell us he was a gifted speaker. These prints affirm that Robert Hazen was a mentor. He did not teach. He inspired. He ignited the spark of passion for learning within all who heard him. His spirit rejoiced at news of every success that each one of his students achieved.

      We see his fingerprints on a moot court video. They verify that he was the most feared defense attorney in the history of FBI moot courts. He could grill a terrified student witness for hours. When the ordeal was over, he shook hands with the student. He smiled, knowing that this student could now survive any attack by any attorney in any courtroom. One more lasting impression.

      We see his fingerprints on a glass in a hospitality room of a forensic science conference. They remind us of how Robert Hazen captivated us with his stories and humor. His fingerprint bedtime stories lasted long into the night.

      We see his fingerprints on a microphone in a conference room. When he spoke, it sounded like the heavens had opened. His voice, his actions, and his passion bear witness to a Higher Being. One who made this Robert Hazen special.
      We see his fingerprints on a seat in the chapel at the FBI Academy. They prove he was a man of God. That he gave thanks every day for his life, his family, his friends, and his science. A reverent man. A humble man.

      We see his fingerprints on us. They are deep and lasting impressions that will remain forever. They tell us that Robert Hazen walked among us. They remind us that we are blessed by the time he spent with us.

      Remarkably, he leaves his impressions on two generations of students and scientists. Some of them never met him.

      Finally, we see Robertís prints in the heavens where he now walks with his Creator. He is reunited with his family, friends, and comrades in arms. He now has a perfect knowledge of fingerprints and how they mark where he has been and how he lived. These recent prints testify of a new life beyond the grave. Where many surfaces have yet to be touched. We can imagine him saying to an angel in that deep, resounding voice, ďlet me see your hands, I want to show you something.Ē Robert Hazen will leave more impressions.

      As he looks back now, he can see those impressions he left on so many people, in so many places and for so many years. He knows what he touched and why. He knows his fingerprints are of value. And that we have identified him. Then he smiles. Robert Hazen is at peace.


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