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Monday, May 11, 2009

The purpose of the Detail is to help keep you informed of the current state of affairs in the latent print community, to provide an avenue to circulate original fingerprint-related articles, and to announce important events as they happen in our field.
Breaking NEWz you can UzE...

by Stephanie Potter

Defence grills Bain case fingerprint expert
TVNZ - New Zealand May 05 2009
Kim Jones, who previously testified that latent prints on a rifle had “been placed with such pressure…, they were so defined, so clear it could leave me in no doubt whatsoever they were of recent origin”, has come under heavy questioning in the David Bain retrial...

Son of high-profile Baptist minister exposed as serial rapist
Melbourne Herald Sun – Australia 05-04-09
They also matched his DNA or fingerprints to two other unsolved rapes in the same area. All three victims were young, single women and not known to their attacker... [who held them] at knifepoint… in their homes in the 1980’s.

Jury selected in decade-old rape case
Lawrence Journal World - Lawrence,KS,USA 05-04-09
Police dusted the car for fingerprints, and 10 years later, on Aug. 8, 2007, one of those fingerprints that had been entered into the FBI's Automated Fingerprint Identification System… received a “hit”.

Murder defendant faces new theft charges
Salt Lake Tribune - United States
A fingerprint analysis of Christopher Tay Alvey taken after he was arrested for the shooting death of 22-year-old Ashley Sparks matched him to fingerprints left at the scene of a burglary at a Salt Lake County home in October.

Testimony at Amanda Knox Trial Centers on Prints, DNA
ABC News - USA
Testimony in court today centered on fingerprints and evidence collection. Only one fingerprint belonging to [her] right index finger was identified on a glass found in the sink. Only one print belonging to Guede was identified, but it was significant. His bloody palm-print was found on a pillow under Kercher's body.

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