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Issue 433, 12-06-09, US V. Keita - Motion to Exclude Fingerprint Evidence based on NAS Report
Issue 432, 11-30-09, Book Review by Cindy Rennie: Haber/Haber "Challenges to Fingerprints"
Issue 431, 11-23-09, The Accreditation of the Worcester PD Latent Print Unit, by David Grady
Issue 430, 11-16-09, The Accreditation of the Boston PD Latent Print Unit, by Jennifer Hannaford
Issue 429, 11-09-09, Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science & Tight-Lipped Labs Start Talking
Issue 428, 11-02-09, Verification Survey, by John Black
Issue 427, 10-26-09, Innocence Project draft legislation regarding a forensic science Commission
Issue 426, 10-19-09, SWGFAST Revised Draft for Comment - Documentation of ACE-V
Issue 425, 10-12-09, NIJ / IAI / SWGFAST Fingerprint Source Book Debut
Issue 424, 10-05-09, Habers response to comments on The Detail # 422
Issue 423, 09-28-09, Revised SWGFAST Draft for Comment document: from Issue 415
Issue 422, 09-21-09, In Support of Legislation to Create NIFS, by Drs. Ralph and Lyn Haber
Issue 421, 09-14-09, News update in MD Brian Rose case, and Monthly IAI Update, by Joe Polski
Issue 420, 09-07-09, Rapid Automation Inspires Heroes, by Richard Reneau
Issue 419, 08-31-09, News
Issue 418, 08-24-09, The "No Bolstering" Rule (related to LPE Verification), by Andre Moenssens
Issue 417, 08-17-09, From The Really Old Guy and his Corner, by Richard Reneau
Issue 416, 08-10-09, SWGFAST Position Statement on the NAS Report
Issue 415, 08-03-09, SWGFAST Minimum Qualifications and Training to Competency Standard
Issue 414, 07-26-09, SWGFAST Standard for the Documentation of ACE-V
Issue 413, 07-19-09, News
Issue 412, 07-13-09, Miscellaneous Updates in the discipline
Issue 411, 07-06-09, News
Issue 410, 06-29-09, US Supreme Court holds that forensic science lab reports are 'testimonial'
Issue 409, 06-22-09, Bias and the Big Fingerprint Dust-Up, by Sue Russell, Miller-McCune.com
Issue 408, 06-15-09, People v. Safford, Illinois Appellate Court reverse-remand on latent ID test.
Issue 407, 06-08-09, ChemImage Hyperspectral Imaging for Latent Prints - www.chemimiage.com
Issue 406, 06-1-09, Can You Lose Your Fingerprints? by Katherine Harmon, NewScientist.com
Issue 405, 05-25-09, A Forensics Charlatan gets Caught in the Act, Radley Balko, Reason.com
Issue 404, 05-18-09, May 13, 2009 House Subcommittee Testimony on the NAS Report
Issue 403, 05-11-09, Some banter on the issue of a single discrepancy, www.clpex.com forum
Issue 402, 05-04-09, Validation in Fingerprint Examination Part 2, by Gerald Clough
Issue 401, 04-27-09, Validation in Fingerprint Examination Part 1, by Gerald Clough
Issue 400, 04-20-09, U.S. v. Gaylen - Motion to Exclude Firearms ID Testimony - NAS mentioned
Issue 399, 04-13-09, Together we Move Forward, RE: ASU NAS conference; by Haines & Sahota
Issue 398, 04-06-09, In criminal cases, should science only serve the state? by Radley Balko
Issue 397, 03-30-09, IAI letter RE: NAS Report to The Honorable Patrick Leahey, Sen. Chairman
Issue 396, 03-23-09, Comments on the CAIL NAS Program, by Gerald Clough
Issue 395, 03-16-09, In Consideration of False Negatives, by Boyd Baumgartner
Issue 394, 03-09-09, NAS commentary by IAI, SWGFAST and Crime Lab Report
Issue 393, 03-02-09, Emotional Experiences and Motivating Factors in LPE; Charlton, Fraser, Dror
Issue 392, 02-23-09, NAS Committee Report on Forensic Science in the United States
Issue 391, 02-16-09, Findings of the I.A.I.'s Y7 Committee, by Robert Garrett, IAI President
Issue 390, 02-09-09, Report by Cindy Rennie and Al D'Silva on a recent Dror lecture on Bias
Issue 389, 02-02-09, NIST Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Latent Print Examination
Issue 388, 01-25-09, Crime Lab Report: Forensic Pattern Identification - on Saks and Faigman
Issue 387, 01-19-09, Excerpts of the IAI January Update by Joe Polski
Issue 386, 01-12-09, SWGFAST review of 3 newly-approved documents
Issue 385, 01-05-09, Enlightenment - a board thread on the importance of good documentation
Issue 384, 12-29-08, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Issue 383, 12-22-08, The Fingerprints of Robert Hazen, by Charles Illsley
Issue 382, 12-15-08, Commentary on MN v. Hull - Identification/Individualization, by Josh Bergeron
Issue 381, 12-08-08, NIST Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technologies: Extended Feature Sets
Issue 380, 12-01-08, CJIS Quick Capture Fingerprint Technology, FBI CJIS Division
Issue 379, 11-24-08, an Update on Minnesota v. Hull, by Glenn Langenburg
Issue 378, 11-17-08, Fingerprint...Imaging using Disulfur Dioxide, by Paul F. Kelly and colleagues
Issue 377, 11-10-08, Revolutionary Ideas - Advances in Biometrics, by Maxine Most
Issue 376, 11-03-08, Confirmation Bias - A Ubiquitous Phenomenon in Many Guises; Nickerson
Issue 375, 10-27-08, CLPEX.com forum discussion: Faulds and Galton
Issue 374, 10-20-08, LAPD erroneous IAFIS latent print comparison - LA Times
Issue 373, 10-13-08, Atlanta Magazine - Myth of Fingerprints
Issue 372, 10-06-08, MN v. Hull - a Frye-Mack hearing involving denial of a motion to exclude FPE
Issue 371, 09-29-08, Tulsa Law Review article by Michael Saks
Issue 370, 09-22-08, The IAI Monthly Update, by Joe Polski
Issue 369, 09-15-08, Toward Evidence-Based Evidence, by Simon Cole
Issue 368, 09-08-08, Associated Press: Dr. Bond's Corroded Metal Latent Development Technique
Issue 367, 09-01-08, Cognitive Biases in Human Perception, judgment and decision making; Dror
Issue 366, 08-18-08, DoD BTF Biometric Scan - Enduring Capabilities - R&D/Experimentation
Issue 365, 08-11-08, Forensic Digital Asset Management; overview and info call, by George Reis
Issue 364, 08-04-09, Know your AFIS databases! Mishap let killer go free followed by $20M claim
Issue 363, 07-28-08, Statistics for Fingerprint Examiners Course, by Glenn Langenburg
Issue 362, 07-21-08, Out of Daubert and into the Fryeing Pan, Simon Cole
Issue 361, 07-14-08, The Origin of the Powder Rubbing Technique; Grimm & Taylor; FP&ID Mag
Issue 360, 07-07-08, NFSTC Pattern Evidence - Latent Print Examiner Training Program
Issue 359, 06-30-08, SWGFAST Drafts for Comment - Updates, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 358, 06-23-08, Conclusions: Differences versus Conflicts, by Michelle Triplett and KW
Issue 357, 06-16-08, Is the evidence right at your fingertips? by Danny Jacobs
Issue 356, 06-09-08, RE: Keeping Latent Prints of No Value for Identification, by Various
Issue 355, 06-02-08, Keeping Latent Prints of No Value for Identification, by Charlie Parker
Issue 354, 05-26-08, Cross Link - on Latent to Latent searching, by Charlie Parker
Issue 353, 05-19-08, You know what grinds my gears?  by Charlie Parker
Issue 352, 05-12-08, Superglue Oddities - Strange Cyanoacrylate Ester Anomalies: Charlie Parker
Issue 351, 05-05-08, CBS Sunday Morning Special on Fingerprints
Issue 350, 04-28-08, Going Beyond Repetition in the Verification Stage, by Alex Mankevich
Issue 349, 04-21-08, State of MD v. Johnson; Motion to Exclude Denied - testimony limited
Issue 348, 04-14-08, NY Court of Appeals rules Fingerprint Analysis is Testimonial
Issue 347, 04-07-08, New Hampshire Supreme Court Reverses Langill, by Steve Ostrowski
Issue 346, 03-31-08, US Supreme Court Grants Certiori for Live Forensic Examiner Testimony
Issue 345, 03-24-08, SWGFAST Update and Submitting Comments to SWGFAST
Issue 344, 03-17-08, SWGFAST Draft for Comment: Simultaneous Latent Impressions Standard
Issue 343, 03-10-08, DoD R&D and Input Resolution for Best Latent Print Quality, by S. Everist
Issue 342, 03-03-08, What's This? Fingerprint Evidence Cannot be Trusted? by Cully Stimson
Issue 341, 02-25-08, NH Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Langill Appeal, by Steve Ostrowski
Issue 340, 02-18-08, Fingerprint Nanotechnology Shows Positive Growth
Issue 339, 02-11-08, CAS Ltd. Review, by Michele Triplett
Issue 338, 02-04-08, The Biometric Scan, by DoD Biometrics
Issue 337, 01-28-08, The Committee to Define an Extended Fingerprint Feature Set (CDEFFS)
Issue 336, 01-21-08, December IAI Update, by Joe Polski
Issue 335, 01-14-08, Letters to the Editor of Fingerprint Whorld related to cognition
Issue 334, 01-07-08, NIST CONOPS for Evaluation of Latent Print Technologies (ELFT)
Issue 333, 12-31-07, Happy New Year!
Issue 332, 12-24-07, Merry Christmas!
Issue 331, 12-17-07, van der Vyver reports - Michael R. Grimm
Issue 330, 12-10-07, van der Vyver reports - Pat Wertheim
Issue 329, 12-03-07, the IAI Position Concerning Latent Fingerprint Identification
Issue 328, 11-26-07, November IAI Update, by Joe Polski
Issue 327, 11-19-07, Fingerprint ruling unjust, hurtful to victim's family - Wayne T. Fleming, Sr.
Issue 326, 11-12-07, Part III - Reference Shelf discussion - Gupta discussion - statistical survey
Issue 325, 11-05-07, Part II - Reference Shelf discussion - Santamaria - qualitative feature weight
Issue 324, 10-29-07, Part I - Reference Shelf discussion - Osterberg - Rarity of Features
Issue 323, 10-22-07, Judge Susan Souder's decision in Baltimore, MD to exclude FP Testimony
Issue 322, 10-15-07, Film to Digital Conversion, by Steve Scarborough, LVMPD for Forensic mag.
Issue 321, 10-08-07, Announcement: International Symposium on Fingerprints, '08 in Patiala, India
Issue 320, 10-01-07, Development of Bloody Latents on Dark Surfaces; Amanda Atkins, USACIL
Issue 319, 09-24-07, Inconclusive and Comparison Dialog, by Anonymous Examiners
Issue 318, 09-17-07, The September IAI Update, by Joe Polski
Issue 317, 09-10-07, Steam Ninhydrin Development of Latent Prints
Issue 316, 09-03-07, Ridgeology Science Workshop Plus - Glenn Langenberg and Josh Bergeron
Issue 315, 08-27-07, Introduction of the Fingerprint Interest Group (FIG) Distortion Examples page
Issue 314, 08-20-07, Photoshop CS3 for Forensic Professionals - book review by Steve Everist
Issue 313, 08-13-07, Channel Splitting for Identification Specialists, by A. Schriever and C. Caudle
Issue 312, 08-06-07, New 2008 IAI Re-Certification Requirements, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 311, 07-31-07, Color Blindness in Latent Print Examiners, by Pat Wertheim
Issue 310, 07-23-07, Fingerprint Technician Salary Survey, SEARCH: www.search.org
Issue 309, 07-16-07, The Boiling Technique for... Deteriorating FRS, by Uhle and Leas
Issue 308, 07-09-07, Errors in Latent Print Examination - Part 2, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 307, 07-02-07, Errors in Latent Print Examination - Part 1, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 306, 06-25-07, Hypotheses of Latent Print Comparison and Evaluation, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 305, 06-18-07, Latent Print Process Milestones and Missed Identifications, by K. Wertheim
Issue 304, 06-11-07, Latent Print Reporting and Inconclusive Determinations, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 303, 06-04-07, The Importance of the Quality of Known Fingerprint Standards, Charlie Parker
Issue 302, 05-28-07, The Recent National Academy of Science Meeting, by Lenny Butt
Issue 301, 05-21-07, Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging for Noninvasive Detection of Latent Prints
Issue 300, 05-14-07, Preparing for the IAI Latent Print Certification Test, by Pat Wertheim
Issue 299, 05-07-07, Some Noteworthy Fingerprint News Items
Issue 298, 04-30-07, Patent - Radioactive Latent Print Development, by Charles Koch
Issue 297, 04-23-07, IAI April Update, by Joe Polski
Issue 296, 04-16-07, Decision on Motion to Reconsider in State v. Langill, by Steven Ostrowski
Issue 295, 04-09-07, Patent - Portable Sustaining CA Fume Applicator, by Walter Nichols et al.
Issue 294, 04-02-07, Patent - Ion Beam Mixing and Surface Spectroscopy... by Charles Koch
Issue 293, 03-26-07, Patent - Fingerprint Powder Container and Brush Apparatus, by M. Tate
Issue 292, 03-19-07, Use of level 3+ Detail in AFIS Systems; Kasey Wertheim and Jeff Walajtys
Issue 291, 03-12-07, Patent for Polymer Usage to Lift Latent Prints, by Dierk Lubbers, et. al.
Issue 290, 03-05-07, Patent for Solid Chemical Sublimation Latent Development, by Doug Arndt
Issue 289, 02-26-07, Excerpts from: Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence Techniques, by Genise Caruso
Issue 288, 03-19-07, ABFDE Notes on a Paradigm Shift and Daubert issues, by Cindy Rennie
Issue 287, 02-12-07, Statistics and Misidentifications, by Steve Horn
Issue 286, 02-05-07, Notes from ABFDE Seminar, by Cindy Rennie
Issue 285, 01-29-07, Judge Grants Motion to Exclude Latent Fingerprint Evidence, S. Ostrowski
Issue 284, 01-22-07, Cindy Rennie's Lecture Notes on Contextual Information Presentation
Issue 283, 01-15-07, Pattern Interference in Latent Friction Ridge Impressions, by Craig Coppock
Issue 282, 01-08-07, District of Oregon: U.S. v. Hudson, by Mike Heintzman
Issue 280 & 281, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year!
Issue 279, 12-18-06, Science in the Courtroom for the 21st Century, report by David Charlton
Issue 278, 12-11-06, Notes from the ABFDE Seminar, by Cindy Rennie
Issue 277, 12-06-06, The Latent Print Community, by members of the CLPEX.com forum
Issue 276, 11-27-06, Forensic Expertise and Self Trust, by David Charlton
Issue 275, 11-20-06, Scholars Challenge the Infallibility of Fingerprints, by Peter Monaghan
Issue 274, 11-13-06, Survey - Individualization of Human Subjects based on Image Analysis
Issue 273, 11-06-06, Biometrics Update, by David Mintie
Issue 272, 10-30-06, FBI Expands Fingerprint Database to Misdemeanors, Juveniles, Fox news
Issue 271, 10-23-06, Born Without Fingerprints - Rare Distorder, National Geographic News
Issue 270, 10-16-06, SWGFAST Quality Assurance Guidelines for Latent Print Examiners
Issue 269, 10-09-06, RE: Infallible, by David Faigman; Re: Re: by Steve Scarborough
Issue 268, 10-07-06, Infallible Part II, by Steve Scarborough
Issue 267, 09-25-06, Infallible Part I, by Steve Scarborough
Issue 266, 09-18-06, Accreditation and Latent Prints, by Frank Fitzpatrick
Issue 265, 09-11-06, Kathy Saviers, "The Latent Print Certification Process"
Issue 264, 09-04-06, FBI Update - Lab Division Contribution to Global War on Terrorism
Issue 263, 08-28-06, "Measurement of Skin Deformation..." by Levesque and Hayward
Issue 262, 08-21-06, An Ailing Physician Contributes to Forensic Science, by Stanley Aronson
Issue 261, 08-14-06, Joe Polski, the August IAI Update
Issue 260, 08-07-06, Statistical Foundation of the Shirley McKie Perjury Allegation, Stephen Horn
Issue 259, 07-31-06, LP Photoshop Series 3: Adjustment Layers, Channel Mixer, by S. Everist
Issue 258, 07-24-06, 2006 CLPEX.com T-shirt Slogan contest!
Issue 257, 07-17-06, Wikipedia online encyclopedia entry for "fingerprint"
Issue 256, 07-10-06, Remembrance of Ashley Crooker, Jr.
Issue 255, 07-03-06, Critical note on the reliance on digital evidence, by Michael Cherry et al
Issue 254, 06-26-06, The One Dissimilarity Doctrine, a CLPEX.com Forum Thread
Issue 253, 06-19-06, Joe Polski - The IAI Update, June 2006
Issue 252, 06-12-06, the fourth oral evidence session in the Justice 1 Committee's SCRO inquiry

Issue 251, 06-05-06, Daniel Perruzza Finds his Man after 9 years of searching that latent print
Issue 250, 05-29-06, "Forensic Science" National Academy of Sciences Sackler Colloquium
Issue 249, 05-22-06, Clifton Bishop, "Forensic and Investigative Science Program at WVU"
Issue 248, 05-15-06, FBI Next Generation Identification System and Information Sharing, Polski
Issue 247, 05-08-06, Latent Adobe Photoshop Series, Part II: "Saving Actions", by Steve Everist
Issue 246, 05-01-06, Patty Vogan, "Five Key Traits of Great Leadership"
Issue 245, 04-24-06, SCRO Overhaul, by various reporters
Issue 244, 04-17-06, CLPEX.com Detail Chat Board: Humerous Bank Robber Quotes
Issue 243, 04-10-06, Kasey Wertheim, A report on the "2006 NIST Latent Testing Workshop"
Issue 242, 04-03-06, 'Testimony Highlighting ACE", by Steve Scarborough
Issue 241, 03-27-06, Kasey Wertheim, "The Tri-Phased Law Enforcement Community"
Issue 240, 03-20-06, NIJ to Congress: "Status and Needs of Forensic Science Service Providers"
Issue 239, 03-13-06, Dr. Itiel Dror, BBC Interview Transcripts regarding confirmation bias
Issue 238, 03-06-06, History of the IAI, by Carey Chapman
Issue 237, 02-27-06, Nanoparticles and latent print examination (variety of authors)
Issue 236, 02-20-06, "...Latent print examiner accuracy..." Moenssens, Langenburg, & Wertheim
Issue 235, 02-13-06, P. Wertheim: Update in Shirley McKie Settlement, and IAI Update by Polski
Issue 234, 02-06-06, Moment of pause to reflect on the recent passing of Dr. E. Roland Menzel
Issue 233, 01-30-06, Simon Cole, "Is Fingerprint Identification Valid?  Rhetorics of Reliability..."
Issue 232, 01-23-06, Third Erroneous ID Related to McKie/Asbury, Sunday Herald, Scotland
Issue 231, 01-16-06, Internal FBI Report on the Scientific Basis of Friction Ridge Comparisons
Issue 230, 01-09-06, US DOJ OIG Assessment of FBI Lab's Handling of the Mayfield Case
Issue 229, 01-02-06, Mass Supreme Court ruling in Commonwealth v. Patterson, Simultaneous
Issue 228, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Issue 227, 12-19-05, Latent Print Examiner Certification Requirements, www.theiai.org
Issue 226, 12-12-05, "A Personal View on Mr. Cole's Letter", CLPEX message board post
Issue 225, 12-05-05, excerpts part II
Issue 224, 11-28-05, excerpts from Simon Coles article "More Than Zero"
Issue 223, 11-21-05, "Revealing More Than Meets the Eye; MXRF...", Spectrum, Joseph Walsh
Issue 222, 11-14-05, Joe Polski & CFSO Update: Forensic Science 2006 funding
Issue 221, 11-07-05, Dror & Charlton, "Contextual Information Renders Experts Vulnerable..."
Issue 220, 10-31-05, "First Time Testifying", comments from the CLPEX Message Board
Issue 219, 10-24-05, Sandy Siegel, "8th Annual Cogent User Group Conference"
Issue 218, 10-17-05, Results of voting on "Major Case Prints" terms, NIJ grant awards
Issue 217, 10-10-05, Discussion on "Major Case Prints" terms
Issue 216, 10-03-05, "Major Case Prints", Is there a better term?  Call for terms by SWGFAST
Issue 215, 09-26-05, Kerrie Cathcart, DNA from Latent Print Residue, Status update and survey
Issue 214, 09-19-05, Evidence Admissibility Hearing in Pena, CA, by Pat Wertheim
Issue 213, 09-12-05, Massachusetts Patterson Daubert Challenge, by Steve Ostrowski
Issue 212, 09-05-05, Defense View on Psychological Factors of Latent Print Identification
Issue 211, 08-29-05, "Latent Print Photoshop Series Part 1: Creating Actions" by Steve Everist
Issue 210, 08-22-05, Langenburg, g. "Response of a Scientist to Msrs Saks' and Koehler's article"
Issue 209, 08-15-05, NPR "Faulty Forensics" special with Barry Fisher
Issue 208, 08-08-05, "RE: Conclusions That Can be Drawn..." by Rich Raneau
Issue 207, 08-01-05, "Conclusions That Can be Drawn From the Detail Present," by Dusty Clark
Issue 206, 07-25-05, Adina Schwartz, Challenge... Admissibility of Firearms and Toolmark Ident...
Issue 205, 07-18-05, "RE: Certification Issues" by Paul Truedson and Ronan Shouldice
Issue 204, 07-11-05, Ronan Shouldice, "A Letter to the IAI RE: Certification Issues"
Issue 203, 07-04-05, SCRO Examiners Report Non-ID, Talk of Settlement in McKie Case
Issue 202, 06-27-05, Potential Daubert Hearing on Simultaneous Impressions
Issue 201, 06-20-05, "Lessons from the Brandon Mayfield Case", Simon Cole and Thompson
Issue 200, 06-13-05, "Faking Fingerprints", copy of an existing public online article by "starbug"
Issue 199, 06-06-05, Chad Day and Kasey Wertheim: HDRM High Dynamic Range Images & FPs
Issue 198, 05-29-05, "The Real Debate" by Iain McKie
Issue 197, 05-22-05, A Festering Splinter, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 196, 04-15-05, Kenzoh Mashiko, "A Safe New Formulation for RTX"
Issue 195, 05-08-05, Perspectives on the FBI CJIS tenprint miss of Jeremy Brian Jones
Issue 194, 05-02-05, "The Complexity of Recognition" by Craig Coppock
Issue 193, 04-25-05, Dr. Busey and J. Vanderkolk, "..Configural Processing in Fingerprint Experts"
Issue 192, 04-18-05, Outlines from the 2005 Human Identification e-symposium
Issue 191, 04-11-05, Ed German calls for supplies to be shipped to Iraq
Issue 190, 04-04-05, Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence (MXRF) as a means of latent print development
Issue 189, 03-26-05, Latent Print Lifting using Gel Lifters, by Theo Velders and Ian Rudden
Issue 188, 03-19-05, Contextual Top Down Processing, Dror, Peron, Hind, and Charlton
Issue 187, 03-14-05, "The CSI Effect: Good or Bad for Forensic Science, by Greg Laskowski
Issue 186, 03-07-05, ASCLD/LAB letter of re-clarification and changes from the Detail 184 version.
Issue 185, 02-28-05, CJIS Division FBI begins releasing ULM re-search results
Issue 184, 02-21-05, ASCLD/LAB issues letter of clarification on Examination Documentation
Issue 183, 02-14-05, Request for Chapter Authors for Friction Ridge Sourcebook
Issue 182, 02-07-05, Jon Stimac's Newz is the Detail... CLPEX being rehosted to new computer
Issue 181, 01-31-05, A Case Study of Forensic Science Turnover, by Dale and Becker
Issue 180, 01-24-05, Next Generation IAFIS improvement concepts
Issue 179, 01-17-05, NIJ Solicitation for Quantitative Research on Friction Ridge Patterns
Issue 178, 01-09-05, CNN: Reasonable Doubt, Can Crime Labs Be Trusted?
Issue 177, 01-02-05, Happy New Year!
Issue 176, 12-27-03, Merry Christmas
Issue 175, 12-20-04, Iain McKie, Fingerprints in Print - An Opportunity Missed
Issue 174, 12-13-04, They Keep Putting Fingerprints in Print, Steve Scarborough
Issue 173, 12-06-04, Ed German, Report on the Dedication of the Faulds Memorial in Scotland
Issue 172, 11-29-04, Hans van den
Nieuwendijk, "Incipients" from his website xs4all.nl/~dacty
Issue 171, 11-22-04, "Digital Imaging Procedure" by Police Scientific Development Branch, UK
Issue 170, 11-15-04, The first FBI Certified true 1000ppi live scanner, by Smiths Heimann
Issue 169, 11-08-04, IAI Update by Joe Polski, and non-DNA related NIJ grant information
Issue 168, 11-01-04, Pat Wertheim, Report on ABFDE Daubert Symposium in Las Vegas, NV
Issue 167, 10-25-04, "Expert Evidence and Forensic Skills", Daubert Concepts in South Africa
Issue 166, 10-18-04, "A Cautionary Tale Re: Livescan / AFIS" by Mark Beck
Issue 165, 10-11-04, IAI Update by Joe Polski, and link to another Mayfield article
Issue 164, 10-4-04, Kasey Wertheim, "Caution, Doubt, and Inconclusion"
Issue 163, 9-27-04, "Re: Latent Print Sufficiency", by Tom Adair
Issue 162, 9-20-04, Kasey Wertheim: "Latent Print Sufficiency"
Issue 161, 9-13-04, "Fast Capture Fingerprint/Palm Print Technology" NIJ solicitation
Issue 160, 9-05-04, Jennifer Hannaford: "Anomalies of Livescan Capture"
Issue 159, 8-30-04, "The Centenary Journey", Kasey Wertheim
Issue 158, 8-23-04, Process Errors Leading to Missed Identifications
Issue 157, 8-16-04, Discussions on "Indicting John Doe", initially posted by Dennis Degler

Issue 156,
8-09-04, Gerald Clough, "Of Errors Great & Small: An Examination of Rigor in ACE-V"
Issue 155, 8-02-04, a scenario on "pushing the envelope" too far
Issue 154, 7-26-04, Draft wording for a "conflicting conclusions" IAI resolution / position statement
Issue 153: 7-19-04, Thomas Ferriola: "Scientific Principles of Friction Ridge Analysis"
Issue 152: 7-12-04, CLPEX review of "Defense Challenge to Fingerprints" by Lisa Steele
Issue 151: 7-05-04, Dialogue on latent print minimums (Ridgeologist versus independent)
Issue 150: 6-28-04, a scenario on external verification
Issue 149: 6-21-04, Craig Coppock: "Circumstantial Evidence and Friction Skin Identification"
Issue 148: 6-14-04, "Faulty Forensics" NPR summary, by Steve Everist
Issue 147: 6-07-04, Rhonda Boston: on Standards and Protocol
Issue 146: 5-31-03, Calculating Latent Print Examiner Error Rate, by Kasey Wertheim
Issue 145: 5-17-04, Diagnosis of Medical Conditions using Pattern Types?; induction - deduction
Issue 144: 5-10-04, US 3rd circuit Appeals Court affirms Mitchell conviction, by Andre Moenssens
Issue 143: 5-03-04, Craig Coppock, "A detailed look at inductive processes in forensic sciences"
Issue 142: 4-26-04, US 9th circuit Appeals Court affirms Prime conviction via Daubert principles
Issue 141: 4-19-04, Craig Coppock, "Individualization of Whom"
Issue 140: 4-12-04, "Latent Print Reference Index" by Ernie Hamm
Issue 139: 4-05-04, Joe Polski presents the "180 Day Study Questionnaire"
Issue 138: 3-29-04, Paul Brannon: "Small Adhesive Numbers/Letters for L. Print Documentation"
Issue 137: 3-22-04, "...Expectation and Suggestion in Forensic Science", Saks et. al.
Issue 136: 3-15-04, "Fingerprints Not Infallible" by Simon Cole
Issue 135: 3-08-04, K. Saviers: "Deferred Examinations: practical solutions or sloppy casework?
Issue 134: 3-01-04, More digital imaging attacks in the news
Issue 133: 2-23-04, Sandra Wiese, "From Galton Points to ACE-V: one examiners perspective"
Issue 132: 2-16-04, "Quality in Australian Forensic Science" by Shaheen Bibi Aumeer
Issue 131: 2-09-04, Two recent articles challenging the validity of the science of fingerprints
Issue 130: 2-02-04, Craig Coppock: Uniqueness and Individualization
Issue 129: 1-26-04, ThermaNin, a new product for latent print development on thermal paper
Issue 128: 1-19-04, The future of AFIS and fingerprint examination (thoughts to ponder)
Issue 127: 1-12-04, Heart disease is statistically associated with more whorl patterns
Issue 126: 1-05-04, References of works by Sir Francis Galton, and a short history
Issue 124-125: Happy Holidays, and an awesome New Year!
Issue 123: 12-15-03, A review of Judge Michael's dissenting opinion in US v. Crisp
Issue 122: 12-08-03, Craig Coppock: Minimum information in Fingerprint Identification
Issue 121: 12-01-03, Paul Brannon, Build a freezer/refrigerator CA fuming chamber on a budget
Issue 120: 11-24-03, Craig Coppock, Transition of Goals; Digital Imaging in Forensic Science
Issue 119: 11-17-03, William Morris reviews the book "Right Hand, Left Hand," (asymmetry)
Issue 118: 11-10-03, "Red Sky in the Morning" by John Nielson
Issue 117: 11-03-03, Florida Appellate decision on digital image enhancement of latent prints
Issue 116: 10-27-03, Results of a California Frye hearing, by Bill Leo
Issue 115: 10-20-03, Written Decision of District Court of Alaska re: Motion to Exclude FP Evid.
Issue 114: 10-13-03, New Mexico Daubert challenge to the FP science, by Pat Wertheim
Issue 113: 10-6-03, A response and another article from Mike Cherry
Issue 112: 9-29-03, "The Myth of Fingerprints", by Cherry and Iminkelreid
Issue 111: 9-22-03, The new IAI Latent Print Examiner Certification requirements
Issue 110: 9-15-03, A report on the 9-9-03 Byron Mitchell appellate hearing
Issue 109
: 9-08-03, the Papers of Dr. William Babler
Issue 108
: 9-01-03, "Is LP Examination an Art or a Science?" by David Fairhurst
Issue 107: 8-25-03, "The Use of Foreign Substances to Obscure IP's" by Carl Bessman
Issue 106: 8-18-03, Jim McNutt: "You Might Be A Latent Print Examiner... IF..."
Issue 105: 8-11-03, "The PZ-Code", by Craig Coppock
Issue 104: 8-04-03, "Amino Acid Representative Standard", by Bill and Karen Sampson
Issue 103: 7-28-03, An interesting line of defense questioning, by Pat Wertheim
Issue 102: 7-21-03, A look at the SWGFAST "Standards for Conclusions" draft for comment
Issue 101: 7-14-03, A short report on the IAI conference in Ottawa, and new technology
Issue 100: 7-07-03, ASCLD-LAB, QA/QC, personal evidence storage, and chain of custody
Issue 99: 6-30-03, IAI conference online broadcast possibilities for 2004, by Alice Maceo
Issue 98: 6-23-03, A possible standardized 5-point latent print grading scheme
Issue 97: 6-16-03, Hair Dryer Dev. Latent Prints on Thermal Paper, by Lee Stonebreaker
Issue 96: 6-09-03, "Tonally Reversed Latent Prints" by Chris Grice
Issue 95: 6-02-03, Josh Bergeron's Adobe Photoshop Demonstration
Issue 94: 5-26-03, There isn't just one scientific method... there are many.
Issue 93: 5-19-03, Shopping for an opinion, and unsuitable "at this time"?
Issue 92: 5-12-03, Sufficiency for identification, and dissimilarity outside the matching print?
Issue 91: 5-03-03, Contemporary Fingerprint Research, by Steve Scarborough
Issue 90: 4-28-03, It's a Photo Finish, Not Junk Science! by David Witzki
Issue 89: 4-21-03, Craig Coppock proposes some fingerprint definitions
Issue 88: 4-14-03, The Robert L. Johnson Foundation, and Michelle Triplett's FP Term Page
Issue 87: 4-07-03, Case reviews: latents on trigger and fired shell casings, 2003 t-shirt entries
Issue 86: 3-31-03, Glenn Langenburg's research project on Analysis
Issue 85: 3-17-03, Dave Charlton on the start of the war in Iraq
Issue 84: 3-17-03, Book Review: Imprint of the Raj, by Chandak Sengoopta
Issue 83: 3-10-03, Personal point minimums, Q-Q graph conflicts, & pushing the envelope
Issue 82: 3-03-03, Legal bridge between fingerprint and palm print identification concepts
Issue 81: 2-24-03, John Nielson: Part 2: ARE YOU DEAD?
Issue 80: 2-17-03, Conclusion of the discussion: Inconclusives
Issue 79: 2-10-03, Faulds - Beith Commemorative Society
Issue 78: 2-03-03, Beginning of discussion: Inconclusive opinions and IAI Resolutions
Issue 77: 1-27-03, Rain-X Today Keeps the Residue Away, by Edward A. McKinstry
Issue 76: 1-20-03, Pat Wertheim on the Mark Fuhrman show
Issue 75: 1-13-03, Jim Nursall brings a review of Ralph Norman Haber's article; FP Error
Issue 74: 1-06-03, A tribute to Scott Spjut
Issue 72 and 73: Happy Holidays and have a WONDERFUL New Year!!
Issue 71: 12-16-02,  IAI Update by Joe Polski
Issue 70: 12-09-02, "Rebutting the "No Fingerprint" Defense," by John Nielson
Issue 69: 12-02-02, "Latent Print Reference Grail" debut of the info. page by Glenn Langenburg
Issue 68: 11-25-02, "The Hidden Clue Revealed": LPExaminers and digital imaging, by "Ski"
Issue 67: 11-18-02, Subjectivity versus Opinion; a clarification of terms by Josh Bergeron
Issue 66: 11-11-02, Steve Howard expands on Paradigms in latent prints
Issue 65: 11-03-02, "Myth" 8 of science: Scientists are particularly objective
Issue 64: 10-28-02, An amusing dialogue on the pronunciation of Daubert
Issue 63: 10-21-02, John Nielson: Part 1:  ARE YOU DEAD?
Issue 62: 10-14-02, Are You A Scientist?  by Craig Coppock
Issue 61: 10-07-02, Teamwork, by Tracy Saur, and announcements re: several projects.
Issue 60:  9-30-02,  Glenn Langenburg: Defending Against David Stoney
Issue 59:  9-23-02,  The Importance of Policy and Procedure in LP Comparisons
Issue 58:  9-16-02,  Glenn Langenburg: Defending Against James Starrs
Issue 57:  9-09-02,  Glenn Langenburg: Defending Against Simon Cole
Issue 56:  9-02-02,  Third in a Series of Issues on the Daubert Card
Issue 55:  8-26-02,  Second in a Series of Issues on the Daubert Card
Issue 54:  8-19-02,  First in a Series of Issues on the Daubert Card
Issue 53:  8-12-02,  87th Annual IAI Conference report and intro to Daubert concept card
Issue 52:  8-05-02,  Bill Wolz presents a Glove Impression Identification
Issue 51:  7-29-02,  Another angle on addressing the "lack of standards" Daubert concept
Issue 50:  7-22-02,  The Daubert Card: Ray York and Steve Scarborough
Issue 49:  7-15-02,  Update on Daubert Hearing in Washington State: Craig Coppock
Issue 48:  7-08-02,  Adobe Photoshop in Demonstrating Latent Print Identifications
Issue 47:  7-01-02,  Reports on the ABFDE Daubert Symposium
Issue 46:  6-24-02,  The Final Draft of the Chicago Fingerprint Forum Recommendations
Issue 45:  6-17-02,  an e-logue on Certification Propriety
Issue 44:  6-10-02,  Doede Rijpkema brings us a most unique and unusual "AFIS Tip."  :)
Issue 43:  6-03-02,  Florida Supreme Court reversal regarding a Knife Mark Identification
Issue 42:  5-27-02,  More fingerprint-bashing in the news; and results of the CLPEX T-shirt contest
Issue 41:  5-20-02,  Update on McKie case - and Parliament's refusal to visit the issue
Issue 40:  5-13-02,  Latent Print Examiner Minimum Qualifications; science degree?
Issue 39:  5-06-02,  Update on the McKie Petition, and notable LPE statements
Issue 38
:  4-29-02,  Dave Wade:  Processing Tape with Titanium Dioxide (Tio2)
Issue 37:  4-22-02,  On the importance of supporting the petition for the Scottish Parliament
Issue 36:  4-15-02,  Passed on information regarding McKie debate: Statement and Petition
Issue 35:  4-08-02,  As the Whorl Turns; a compilation of articles regarding recent challenges
Issue 34:  4-01-02,  Lisa O'Daniel reviews the Mid-states Division IAI Conference in Peoria, IL
Issue 33:  3-25-02,  Steve Howard's review of Pollak's March 13 reversal
Issue 32:  3-18-02,  Judge Pollak's March 13 reversal of his Jan 7 opinion to exclude LPE opinion
Issue 31:  3-11-02,  Proficiency versus Ability; Testing Minimum Competency
Issue 30:  3-04-02, "Don't Panic... But" by Pat Wertheim
Issue 29:  2-25-02,  2nd in a series of articles on courtroom testimony: FEAR
Issue 28:  2-18-02,  Friction Ridge Identification Process: Proposed Methodology, by Mary Beeton
Issue 27:  2-11-02, Steve Howard: overlapping prints and possible conclusions
Issue 26:  2-04-02, Summary of Memo in support of Plaza motion for reconsideration
Issue 25: 1-28-02, Plaza motion for reconsideration; and Ashbaugh on Forensic Science
Issue 24
: 1-21-02, Andre Moenssens, "The Reliability of Fingerprint Identification"
Issue 23:
1-14-02, Alan McRoberts, "Fingerprints on the Ropes?" & PLAZA news
Issue 22: 1-07-02, Christophe Champod: Thoughts on Statistics and Latent Prints
Issues 20 & 21: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Issue 19
: 12-17-01, Introduction to courtroom testimony series; FEAR
Issue 18: 12-10-01, John Vanderkolk introduces uniqueness in nature
Issue 17
: 12-03-01, Introduction to biological uniqueness series leading to statistics
Issue 16: 11-26-01, Daubert and Latent Fingerprint Examiner Training
Issue 15: 11-19-01, Unusual Inked Fingerprinting Situation, by Scott Spjut
Issue 14: 11-12-01, Production Standards for Latent Print Examiners, by Andy Kearns
Issue 13: 11-05-01, Simultaneous Impressions, by Steve Ostrowski
Issue 12
: 10-29-01, DNA does not compare to fingerprints; statistics don't prove, only support!
Issue 11
: 10-22-01, Identifying partial, distorted latent prints IS reliable and has been tested! 
Issue 10
: 10-08-01, Fingerprint comparisons are objective, verifiable, and we DO have standards!
Issue 9: 10-01-01, You cannot "prove" biological uniqueness... and don't even need to!
Issue 8
: 9-24-01, Prepare for a series of Details on defending our science.
Issue 7: 9-17-01, Thoughts and Prayers from our international friends regarding Sept 11, 2001
Issue 6: 9-10-01, Objectivity (Part II), and more attacks on the science of fingerprints
Issue 5: 9-03-01, Objectivity (Part I), and premier of the Bookstore!
Issue 4: 8-27-01, Daubert - Peer Review and Article from London Newspaper: McNamara
Issue 3
: 8-20-01, Daubert - General Acceptance and Colin/Beavan NPR interview
Issue 2
:  8-13-01, Daubert - Testing and Validation
Issue 1
: 8-06-01, Daubert - Error Rate