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SWGFAST members are involved in the discipline of friction ridge examination in either local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies as well as the forensic community. Members are selected based upon individual qualification and not agency affiliation. At this time, the structure of Scientific Working Groups is being reconfigured, potentially limiting the number of its members.  Due to the uncertainty of the changes, SWGFAST is not considering new memberships at this time.  When new members will be considered, there will be an announcement on the SWGFAST website.


March 27, 2013


Babler, Rachelle
San Diego Police Dept., CA 

Benningfield, Debbie
DLB Forensics, LLC
Tomball, TX

Bergman, Herman

Oakland Police Dept., CA

Black-Fitzpatrick, Maggie
Placentia, CA

Butt, Leonard
Maryland State Police

Champod, Christophe
University Lausanne, Switzerland

Clark, John
Western Identification Network, CA 

Craig, Jamie
DHS Fingerprint Center,
San Diego, CA

Eldridge, Heidi
Las Vegas Metro Police, NV

Fitzpatrick, Frank
Forensic Management Consulting, CA
(ASCLD Representative)

Garrett, Robert
IDMAN Forensics, NC

German, Ed
US Government, VA

Gische, Melissa
FBI Laboratory Division,

Gorden, Michael
FBI CJIS Division,

Hecker, Scott
FBI Laboratory Division,

Hicklin, Austin
Noblis, VA

Hollars, Mitchell
Woodbine, MD
(Vice Chair)

Hutchins, Laura
US Government
Washington, D.C.
(Document Review Committee Chair)

Langenburg, Glenn
Minnesota Bureau Criminal Apprehension

Lewis, Bridget
Iowa Dept. Public Safety
(IAI Representative)

Maceo, Alice
Las Vegas Metro Police, NV

Neumann, Cedric
South Dakota State University

Osborn, Scott
Australian Federal Police

Reed, Lauren
U.S. Army BIMA, WV

Rees, Alison
Bureau of ATF, MD

Roberts, Maria Antonia
FBI Laboratory Division, VA

Schenck, Rodney
U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Lab, GA
(Member Representative)

Schwarz, Matthew
Schwarz Forensic Enterprises, IA

SMITH, Charles
FBI CJIS Division, VA
(ex-officio member)

Soltis, Greg
FBI Laboratory Division,

Speckels, Carl
Phoenix Police Dept., AZ
(Bylaws Committee Chair)

Stimac, Jon
Oregon State Police

Stoney, David
Stoney Forensic, VA

Triplett, Michele
King County Sheriff, WA

Vanderkolk, John
Indiana State Police

Weir, Maria
Los Angeles County Sheriff, CA
(Member Representative)

Wertheim, Kasey
Bridgeport, WV
(Community Resource Committee Chair and Web Master)

Wertheim, Pat
U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Lab, GA

Wilkinson, Della
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Lisa Zinn
Orange County Sheriff-Coroner, CA




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