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Latent Print Examiner - Closes 12/4/2023

Memphis, TN

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  Works under the general direction of a Senior Latent Print Examiner to examine, evaluate, and identify latent prints and to determine whether such latent fingerprint evidence is of sufficient quality to affect a positive identification. Searches latent prints utilizing the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) involving classifying and encoding latent prints for direct comparison and disposition. Testifies in court as an expert witness on latent print identification, including the preparation of related technical reports and/or latent charts suitable for court testimony. Photographs and preserves chemically processed latent prints and determines if prints are of sufficient quality to affect a positive identification. Classifies and identifies prints to accurately demonstrate the ability to perform suspect comparisons. Assists officers of the Crime Scene Investigation Unit in obtaining and submitting identifiable latent prints. Examines and reviews latent print evidence for outside agencies. Provides police recruits and officers with instruction on latent ridge detail recognition and procedure for submitting evidence to the Latent Section. Inputs confidential information utilizing the appropriate systems such as Inform Record Management System (RMS). Maintains and files inter-office documents both manually and electronically. Compiles daily work statistics for reporting needs.