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Forensic Scientist (latent prints)

Johnson County, KS
  • Examining developed latent prints utilizing the ACE-V process.
  • Processing evidence, utilizing various chemical and physical methods, to develop latent prints.
  • Utilize local and national finger/palm print databases.
  • Perform technical and administrative review of case data.
  • Document and perform casework duties in accordance with laboratory procedures with minimal errors and no patterns of deficiencies.
  • Participate in training, competency testing, and proficiency testing according to established protocols.
  • Performs maintenance, and complex troubleshooting of equipment, and software to ensure the integrity of testing.
  • Rigorously follow all safety manuals, standard operating procedures, and quality assurance/quality control procedures.
  • Perform quality assurance/quality control procedures of reagents, equipment, and instrumentation as necessary.
  • Assist in ensuring conformance to laboratory accreditation standards.
  • Attend continuing education/training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, and professional meetings as time and resources allow.
  • Participate in method validation/verification studies as needed.
  • Presenting information regarding crime scene processing and evidence collection techniques to law enforcement and/or citizens.
  • Provide expert testimony in courts of law as required.