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State Patrol Forensic Technician - Closes 4/23/2024

Lincoln, NE

This position is assigned responsibilities for the tasks related to the management of the tenprint and palm print repository of the Nebraska Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). These responsibilities involve various complex technical functions related to the forensic analysis of fingerprint and palm print impressions through the electronic and manual processing of submissions to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the database for the State of Nebraska, and indirectly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This position performs difficult, non-routine fingerprint and palm print image examination, interpretation, classification, analysis and identification and applies the laws, rules, and standards governing this process. This position also captures fingerprints and palm prints for the public, performs comparisons, and analyzes and verifies fingerprint and palm print images submitted for background checks and questioned identities, and provides instruction to the public and partnering agencies on the proper method of taking legible tenprint and palmprint impressions and completion of various fingerprint cards.