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Evidence Technician - Closes 7/9/2024

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, Prescott, Arizona

Under general supervision, provides technical support to detectives, deputies, and other law enforcement personnel in analyzing, photographing, collecting, preserving, and presenting physical evidence.

Major Duties, Responsibilities

  • Photographs, collects, and preserves biological evidence, latent fingerprints, tire marks, shoe prints, tool marks and other physical evidence.
  • Processes using powders, chemical solutions, forensic light sources and various cameras, lenses, and filters in order to develop and preserve evidence.
  • Maintains proper chain of custody on evidence and proper packaging.
  • Writes departmental reports and supplements, inputs data into assigned system. Responsible for all entry of evidence from sworn personnel and responsible for proper evidence disposal. 
  • Testifies in court as a witness in connection to the crime scenes processed and evidence developed and preserved.
  • Assists the public by answering phone calls regarding inquiries about property and evidence, notifies owner of available property for release, releases personal property and items for safekeeping back to the owners.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.