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Enhancement & Detection of Blood Evidence on Crime Scenes

11/28/23 - 11/30/23
?Westminster Police Department, Westminster, CA

Crime scene personnel should always be able to perform the most effective techniques when locating evidence that may help in the criminal investigation. To do this, the use of presumptive chemical tests and alternate light sources are important components of successful crime scene work. While some blood evidence may be easily visualized, sometimes this type of evidence is not.  

The purpose of this three-day workshop is to introduce attendees to the different chemicals used to enhance bloodstains and patterns that are visible on crime scenes and evidence and also to detect blood that is unseen because the amount of blood is too small or because the blood has been removed in a cleaning of the scene. The use of chemical presumptive tests to determine if blood is present and if the detected blood is of a human or a nonhuman source will also be introduced.

Photographing chemical reactions to bloodstains and the use of infrared photography is also important and will be addressed in this workshop.
This workshop will be taught by a certified crime scene expert.

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