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Introduction to Fingerprint Science and Tenprints

12/04/23 - 12/08/23
Athens Clarke County Police Department, Athens, GA

The Introduction to Fingerprint Science and Tenprints course serves as the primary level of training for those individuals working or seeking employment in the field of fingerprint identification.

This forty-hour workshop is designed to introduce fingerprints to new tenprint examiners, new AFIS operators, new latent print examiners, and crime scene or medical examiner personnel by introducing them to the terminology and concepts of identifying fingerprints. It is the training required by most agencies for the hiring of new employees to work in the field of fingerprint identification and serves as the basis for more advanced training in the field.

This workshop is designed to introduce the student to the comparison of inked fingerprints. It will provide the student with the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to recognize and compare known areas of friction ridge skin. It will also introduce the student to basic comparison concepts for effective tenprint identifications as well as the requirements for taking legible fingerprint standards.

The students will take part in practical exercises that are designed to reinforce the topics covered in the lecture each day of the class and progressively increase in difficulty.

All materials required to complete this course will be provided by TRITECHFORENSICS Training Division. This includes all handout materials, fingerprint magnifiers, and ridge counters.

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